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Just bought this beautiful jacket! If anyone is interested in it send me a PM and I will let you know if it does not work out for me.
anything bigger than 'slim' fit will be quite baggy. The d1 slim fit i would describe as a straight fit. They would probably be decent for you. if you don't have much junk in your trunk you could try one of their skinnier options.
haven't seen the movie but these seem like more relevant considerations were there explosions? were they cool? were the chicks hot?
woops.. never mind. just looked they all say 'western' still look good though
iron heart ... pricy but quality and durable
Final drops for now. I am out of town for the summer next weekend. If your interested buy these very soon. Will not be any adjustments to price or chance to buy until next fall.
Added dockers extra slim stretch sateen size 36X32 and Margiela cardigan
final drop on rag and bone!
price drops!
second Nancy Boy! great products all around. Buy a 3 pack + 15% savings and its a pretty good deal too. Stuff just feels so smooth
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