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It's not a nato, just a one piece button stud leather band. I got it from lakehouseleathers on etsy: any veg tan it takes a little while before it starts to age and patina, but once it does it looks great. It doesnt sit much higher on my wrist than any of my natos and prefer a pass through band as I'm more likely to change it frequently(faster, easier). If I plan to get wet I put a nato on it.
My skx007, love this thing.
Casual friday with my trusty 007
walmart. fruit of the loom. 6 bucks. Size up. I'm 6'3", 195# and wear an XL. It's snug, sleeves are long enough, super warm. I'll wear them under dress shirts and sweaters on the colder Chicago winter days.
It's not that hard to wear them out. Sure they were sketchy when wet out, but the bigger problem was how wet my feet would get since the seems were all open and the soles paper thin. The new ones dont even feel like the same shoe, but they have no character yet either. I think I'm going to have to see about getting some vibrams on the old ones.
out with the old, in with the new
and how did you like it? i'm not tossing my old ones, I might still resole with the vibram route as those look great!
jesus it was 66 bucks after the promo thing. No excuse not to go new now. Thanks!!
thanks!I dont really want to start over, mine are well aged and lovely, but for 77 bucks I might as well just go new versus repair. It's a sad day.
well the soles on my DBs are shot. the left one is worn all the way through. now the question is should I resole with crepe for 60, buy new, or try to find a cobbler that can resole with vibrams?
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