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Hibiki Harmony, floral, sweet, citrus, no peat... very very mellow and sweet. Completely different than Oban.
jeez, $ 800 bucks for a bottle of Macallan 18, i mean it's good but not that good. in Argentina, it was around $ 500... granted that bitch Cristina Fernandez Kirchner has made almost impossible to import anything... hopefully with the new govt things will get better down there.
i like the coffey grain. light and delicate, very very sweet almost like a bourbon but lighter. completely different than a single malt. drink this and, say, a lagavulin 16 and you'll see very clearly the difference between column distillation vs still pot distillation, i hope this make sense. one is very very light and delicate, the other heavy and "oily"
I figured what the hell... this weekend went ahead and got me a Highland Park 25 and a Balvenie Portwood 21... I'm on call tonight... As soon as I have a chance will try them...
no... no... no...
so why don't you just post a pic of your shoe? also do you have a pic of the original heel nail pattern?
your shoulders are too narrow, the siena doesn't look good on you. would go with a ludlow
St Paul de Vance, Cannes. There's a hotel called Chateau de la Chèvre D'or in Èze, amazing. Lots of options for food, wine, sightseeing, etc. Hell, the whole area is amazing.
has anyone ever tried something like this ? I wonder if it would be worth the amount of money…
that was really good mossrockss
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