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Some new pants from Epaulet. The office is split 50:50 on whether they're good or terrible which is pretty much exactly what I expected.
I'm a strong believer in not cooking with any wine that you wouldn't drink. As such I find recipes that require a single glass of wine to be particularly pleasing.
I've got a couple of jackets from suit supply. Quality is decent for price but nothing that has made me desperate to get more.
I can't go fishing while dinner is on the stove. Games just replace TV and movies for me.
Clothing and D3 talk? Now this is a thread really has my interest.
+39 on Little Bourke near hardware lane do a great pizza or pasta if you're for italian food. It's not shanghai dumplings cheap but it's certainly not fine dining either (unless you get the lobster and cavier pizza they serve)Honestly the place I eat dinner at in the city most often is Mrs Parmas because I love the local beer options.
I've been waiting for those to appear. Fantastic shoes.I believe lots of places have stopepd shipping internationally (at the request of Alden).Veeery interested in the first order.
That is pretty steep for that kind of transit time. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on them.
Considered it but then realised how many potential PJohnson suits that is.
Oh, that link doesn't work for the English version of the site. So with VAT removed I'd be looking at about ~$200 shipped. At that price it will be very interesting to see how they compare to Loake/AE.
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