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I haven't checked the place out but the new Paul Smith shop on Collins Street might have something.
Absolutely, we also pay a premium for the style.
I just noticed on that The Cloakroom is stocking carminas, including a green shell cordovan wingtip. Has anyone popped in to take a look? The only info I could find in a quick search of this thread is about Grensons.
Just received mine, love it. I've always liked green but I've never had any in my wardrobe that I liked. This colour is fantastic, like a dark emerald.
MediaFriendsNon-parental familyCo-workersPeople who pay for stylistsPeople who pay for good tailorsThere are definitely well dressed men out there who have nothing to do with SF (even though they might have heard of it).
When was this?
This is a much more interesting interview.
What are some examples of good hovering?
Perhaps this is the foolishness of youth but I dress for the day rather than the season and today was absolutely lovely.I'm very interested by the white socks suggestion as the only white socks I have are for sports. I was thinking light grey or tan but didn't want to push it on their first outing. I can also report that these are easily the most commented on clothing item I've ever worn.
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