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Those are both cap-toes, the blahman was after a plain toe.
Good lord. The ones I saw were bright yellow or red suede longwing bluchers I think.
On ridiculous shoe pricing, I swear I saw some Florsheim's in the window on Bourke & Russell priced at $450 down to $280. Anyone know if I read that right? I didn't think Florsheim even got close to that kind of pricing.
There is Cecil on exhibition street. I've got no personal experience but I think they come in at about $150.
Myer sells Brooks Brothers shirts? I thought the brand at Myer was Boston Brothers.
Hmm good point but I only have access to my iphone and the showers at work, unfortunately. I'll throw something in there regardless.
I think most people get kind of sick of SF after being here for a while.Indeed, an unlined cotton blazer could be kind of fun for casual outfits in summer.I'm wearing the wombat tie today. It took a bit of practice on the knot because it's SERIOUSLY hefty but I love it now that I got there. Looks great against a white shirt.
I haven't checked the place out but the new Paul Smith shop on Collins Street might have something.
Absolutely, we also pay a premium for the style.
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