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I'm honestly looking forward to the iphone 5 because of that.On shirting; I've been using tailorstore and have been quite happy with the results. I'm still tweaking things (collar sizes/softness and trying to nail down a cuff width and sleeve length. I've got a couple more shirts arriving in a few weeks with 2 different collar styles so then I'll have 3 different button down options to compare.
I'm thinking they're aiming at the Car Shoe market. It's interesting I've been looking for a driving mocc like that for a while but finding a decent one on the cheap isn't easy. Herring has had a few but something about they way they look has always bothered me (shape/contrast stitching/details).
HY has a few on sale in the made in america line:
Damn, first time I've seen the UK10.5 go like that and it went in both the Faulkner and the Steinbeck.I know there are plans for different Steinbeck options, will there be other Faulkner leather option?
Any news on the Steinbeck boot? I can't wait to see it.
I don't think you need to act a certain way, they'll be happy to have you there unless your default behaviour 'douchebag'.
I received some clothing from the US via DHL this week. Shipped on the 11th, arrived on the 16th and there were no problems with quarantine.
Before that they had a larger store 2 or 3 doors down, I guess the rent was just too much for them.Been enjoying the tour this year. Just amazing watching Froome slowly ramp up the speed and catch anyone that tries to attack. I don't hink Wiggans could have won it without him.
Well they've got the flagship store in South Yarra or something, don't they?
I noticed this morning that Strickland & Sons on Bourke Street appears to have been rebranded as 'Tolley'. A quick search shows that Andrew Tolley is listed as the contact for Strickland & Sons in Australia. It strikes me as a slightly more modern name but I wonder about the impacts of no longer being a 'Saville Row' tailor. I wonder if they will change their inventory at all.
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