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Perhaps I'm going blind and missed the post but how did you guys size the oscar last compared to other Carmina lasts?
I noticed Skoaktiebolaget put this up recently :
I've worn a very very similar combination a bunch of times. Looks great.
I just threw 3 pairs of large woodlore trees in a cart. 3x$20 + $22.41 in shipping so $82 for 3 pairs, not bad.
Reminds me of the ‘Lo Heads that PutThisOn featured in the NYC episode.
On button-downs I remember a series of posts by fxh featuring great photos of nicely rolled button down collars. I've searched through this thread but can't find them. Did anyone save a link?
What kind of price point are you aiming at? Or is that a 'spoiler'?
Great summary. Thanks, fxh.
I like them. Like them so much that I actually bought a pair. I got mine new from yoox for the same price that seller is asking, keep that in mind.
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