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Generally this is used as advice to stop people wearing classic business suit jackets as odd jackets. PJohnson typically do more casually styled suits and as such they can work as odd trousers and jackets.
Indeed, interestingly they seem to gain more compliments than my other shoes but I suspect it's the simpson last more than it is the presence of a couple of buckles.
No need to shout. Levi's lock down international purchasing pretty hard. Your best bet is probably a proxy or maybe eBay?
Good news, got a link to the source of this? I've got some trousers that lost a rivet button on the fly that I've been meaning to get fixed.
SEK-25%VAT makes them cheaper than the armoury or epaulet, I think.
No specific wear I've noticed on the heel, just seemed like a location with less structure than other pairs of shoes but I guess theshape also changes your gait slightlly (like with boat shoes). You make a good point about the way in which a pair of shoes is worn, They are, as advertised, loafers and should be worn as such.I was looking at the camo suede ones again, I love the stitching and detail around the mini beef roll(?).I don't own those but I do love the simpsons last.
You reckon? I feel like heel wear would be pretty severe and I don't think I'm being unfair, that's why I asked Rob for a comment.
Great looking loafers Rob. How much life do you think you'd get out of those soles? Personally I just can't see them lasting long enough to justify the high quality workmanship and materials.
Would have thought it was similar to a Barbour? My barbour is far from cool, I put it away in the warmer months.
If cost-effective wasn't what you were going for I'd look at something like this Mackintosh @ Epaulet
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