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Oh wow, I didn't quite realise how cheap the Herringbone warehouse sales were. Are the suits of the same quality that they sell in stores, just previous season stuff? If you can really get them for $599 then that just about answers my question about more affordable suit options.
So a question I have that has been touched on a few times but never handled too thoroughly is what is the best budget suit option? When talking about clothes with my friends the only thing that really interests them as young professionals is suits, however they practically run the other direction at a suggestion of $800 for a herringbone suit on sale, let alone a P.Johnson at over $1200. They then ask me for a "reasonably" priced option and I honestly have no suggestion...
Just after moving to Melbourne I was wearing an old pair of thongs around the city and got stuck in a shower. I was walking down an alley that had a slight incline and due to the completely gripless nature of the thongs I was forced to take them off and walk down bare foot. Due to the thongs it was not my finest sartorial moment by far, but I certainly didn't think I'd end up looking quite as foolish as I did.
What the hell kind of stone did they choose for Melbournes footpaths? I nearly killed myself walking from the tram to the office this morning. I think these shoes might be a candidate for topying.
I also couldn't believe quite how 'slim' Jack London stuff was. A couple of years ago I went in to check out a coat I liked the look of and the largest size they had was what I would call a small in all other sizes. The shoulders were a good 5-10cm too small. I walked out after making awkward eye contact with the attendants that showed no interest in me, the only person in their store, might I add. Has anyone got some experience with Brooks Brothers chinos or other...
Quote: Originally Posted by meister Sorry I thought you were referring to rubbing on your forefoot. Rubbing on the toe joint probabbly is a fit issue. The captoe probably has too low a horizon for your foot/is not high enough/does not have enough volume for your particular foot. Ah right, either way it's something to avoid. Thanks for the help.
Quote: Originally Posted by meister No - not width related = the height of your arch is what I mean not the volume occupied by your foot. Upwards pressure from below. Are you sure this is arch related? The area I notice the rubbing it is on top of the knuckle(is that the right term?) of my big toe. If it is arch related then it confirms my suspicion that feet be crazy.
Quote: Originally Posted by meister Hi arch/high instep. You will just have to try the right shoes until you find the appropriate ones and continue buying those. Issues such as the lacing will factor into any purchase as well. Thanks, very interesting. My instinct was that it would be width related, but I could never find any reason for it when I investigated. I'll make sure to make an extra note of shoes that fit well now that I know this...
I'm not sure if this is the same problem that youngnstupid has but it is similar. I find on a lot of shoes when I'm putting my weight on the ball of my foot and the shoe is bending the creases across the vamp hit the top of my foot. This is quite uncomfortable so I've never bought shoes that have this when I try them on but I've never known the exact cause of this problem. Does anyone else experience it? Is it something in particular that I can know to avoid or how to fix?
Don't suppose one of you was hailing a cab outside the Windsor this morning? No pocket square so I realise it's unlikely but the suit and shirt looked sharp. What caught my eye though was a rather nice looking umbrella. In more exciting news my first order from Herring has arrived in the office, unfortunately I'm stuck in a clients offices all day!
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