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Oh god not the topy argument again
Quote: Originally Posted by ryanohare Did someone here suggest a decent an alerations guy in the NAB Docklands building a while back? I've searched but can't find it. If anyone can remember or find it, that'd be great. Cheers. http://www.styleforum.net/showpost.p...postcount=4181
Thanks for the information, Pink Socks, I do appreciate it. I'm taking my weightloss quite seriously as I have some health complications as a result of the lack of fitness and all the extra weight I'm carrying. Fortunately my eating habits were very easy to diagnose : a bacon and egg sandwich every morning for breakfast is bad, chinese or indian takeaway every day for lunch is bad, a beer or 2 every night is bad. I've also hired a personal trainer for 2 months to get me on...
I'm 6'3" and 100kg. At one point in my life I was the same height and 63kg. I'd like to be halfway between those 2 points. No idea what jacket size that would leave me with.
Quote: Originally Posted by jaypee Why September? just do it now? Make a purchase and use it as inspiration to get to your ideal weight, then wear the ^$%$ out of it and soak up the compliments. Extremely tempting but I honestly have no idea what size my 'ideal weight' is.
Don't suppose one of these sales ever happens around September does it? I'll hopefully have my fitness on track by then and I can start buying clothes again.
At the top of collins st store they had the blue in a 40 and 42 for $599. There was also a blue windowpane in one of those 2 sizes for $399. The blue blazer for $199 was extremely tempting also.
For Reference : http://www.herringbone.com/edm/110524/index.html
Just popped into Ken Barrell to check out the pants. Wool and cotton sweaters are an absolute mess, but divided by size. Cashmere stuff and all trousers are still in some form of order. I didn't check out prices for the cashmere but the trousers are all $49. I picked up some beautiful purple cotton trousers that are unhemmed and they only came with the slightest amount of sass from the shopkeeper. The material has a really nice weight to it that should be great to have...
Where do Carmina fall in the quality/price ranges? Similar to C&J?
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