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Quote: Originally Posted by fxh Isn't it iPhone /Android only? and by invite? Sounds a bit better than face book It will be iPhone soon. At the moment it is web and android only and they shut down invites due to massive demand. I managed to get in before that and I must say it's pretty good. I use facebook begrudgingly but I'll happily use google+. You have a lot more control over general privacy and who sees your updates. edit : also the...
Just walked down Bourke Street. Holy hell the Zara queue is intense.
Good info appolyon. What does it take to set up a meeting with Stuart? Do you need a certain amount of interest/guaranteed buys?
I've got a Black coat from Oxford that is similar length. I bought it about 2 years ago and I've been pretty happy with it for the price. I just checked the fabric on mine and it's 80% wool 20% viscose with 50/50 viscose/poly blend lining. It was belted with epaulets and cuff belts(no idea what these are called). I removed all of these recently using a seam ripper and I'm much happier with it. The stiching in one of the pockets has recently gone but everything else has...
Quote: Originally Posted by Geoffrey Firmin And can any body recommend a decent coffee shop in Melbourne, Pellegrini's used to be a haunt many years ago, I am staying at the Spencer St end of Burke St. I don't venture down the spencer end of town much. The best I can give you is Brother Baba Budan's on Little Bourke between Queen and Elizabeth. It's one of the Seven Seeds places and they'll knock up a good brew for you. My only issue is...
Quote: Originally Posted by jaypee Anyone interested in a Canon 450D dual lens kit? Used for about 500 shots ha Interested enough to ask for a price.
Quote: Originally Posted by Prince of Paisley If you want to see an MJB suit on a living model, Matt Preston wears one on MasterChef just about every night. Sure he's a little flamboyant, but IMO the fit of his jackets and trousers is very good. This is especially the case considering IRL he is one huge MoFo. I think Gary is a slightly better example. I like the shoulders and lapel design but something is off with the chest.
Oh god not the topy argument again
Quote: Originally Posted by ryanohare Did someone here suggest a decent an alerations guy in the NAB Docklands building a while back? I've searched but can't find it. If anyone can remember or find it, that'd be great. Cheers. http://www.styleforum.net/showpost.p...postcount=4181
Thanks for the information, Pink Socks, I do appreciate it. I'm taking my weightloss quite seriously as I have some health complications as a result of the lack of fitness and all the extra weight I'm carrying. Fortunately my eating habits were very easy to diagnose : a bacon and egg sandwich every morning for breakfast is bad, chinese or indian takeaway every day for lunch is bad, a beer or 2 every night is bad. I've also hired a personal trainer for 2 months to get me on...
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