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I'm surprised I don't hear any excitement about the new Steve Madden store opening on Bourke Street!
I'll let you know how much the taps cost tomorrow. All I remember when I asked about the price last time is that it was quite low.
Nice to see everyone survived the update. My C&J Loafers arrived today. Off getting taps/plates/blakeys put on at Rekaris and then it will be a long wait for the weather to fine up so that I can wear them. Maybe I'll bring them on my US trip in a few weeks, should be nice and hot over there. I must say the quality is an easily visible step up from my Loake shoes and the fit is spot on. They're appear to be made for BB Peal & Co but the markings are slightly different to...
Quote: Originally Posted by ColdEyedPugilist Good tie that; one of the last of its kind before they switched suppliers and the quality suffered dramatically. Good to know my instinct was right, thanks.
Well I survived my first Herringbone warehouse sale almost entirely unharmed. Wallet took a slight hit. Navy wool cardigan for $50 and a tie which I don't quite understand. Model name is Granger and it appears to be a 6-fold weave of some kind. It has a fine square pattern to it. I liked the weight and feel of it and at $149->$70 figured it was worth a shot. Anyone know anything about them? It also came in dark green.
Quote: Originally Posted by jaypee HAHAHA, great quote! It's got my vote for the next Australian tourism campaign. Oh and I'm 24 and for the purposes of this thread lets say I'm an engineer.
Quote: Originally Posted by __PG__ Those Pimlicos look nice. The sensible man would say that they should be my next boot purchase...the idiot says I should spend more and get a C&J Tetbury. I have the Loake Aldwych on the same Capital last so I know the Pimlico would fit and look great. The tetbury excites me. In the pants.
Quote: Originally Posted by jaypee The deal was - Maccas, KFC, Red Rooster, Hungry jacks, Pizza Hut, Dominos, Ogalos, Oportos Does it count if you get so drunk that you can't remember ordering the food and just wake up to empty wrappers in your lounge room?
Quote: Originally Posted by jaypee Anyone else doing Dry July? Why did I agree to this? I did a month of no alcohol in May. The lack of a sore head and regaining weekend mornings was actually pretty fun. Friday afternoon, right about now actually, was easily the worst time. What is there to keep you motivated for the last hour or 2 of the day if you don't get to have a beer when you finish!?
Seems the afinepairofshoes website was just blocking the sale for a while because of my previous adding to cart. That is to say, I bought the loafers. This is my first foray into C&J, I fear it might be the end of me.
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