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And a partridge in a pear tree!
Nice chukkas but I'd change the laces to something a bit less chunky. Suit purchasing follow-up : Popped over to Azzaro on Saturday, people weren't lying about it being hard to find I called when I was outside the building to get them to let me in. I tried on a few different navy and grey suits, the best fit I got was out of a Navy 52R drop 7, labelled Lanificio Filarte. It's one of the previously mentioned suits out of the Armani factory apparently. I'll post some fit...
On knit ties and lengths is anyone else a fan of the blade being the same length as the front? For 'normal' ties I think it just looks messy but on a knit tie without the use of the keeper loop I think it works in a slightly rakish way.
I can see that dress being quite useful on a dinner date. You see if you spill soup on your own tie you can just subtly pinch one of hers and do a swap. It's really a great sartorial convenience.
They don't make you but it is the desire of the groom that at least one night we suit up. My mumbling and grumbling has gone ignored. This detail was in the unabbreviated version that I accidentally deleted.Now where are my white jeans....
Oh son of a bitch I typed out a big post then hit clear. Abbreviated version: Weight loss and lack of caring about suits mean I don't have any decent suiting options to wear (when I thought I did) on a trip to Las Vegas in 2 weeks. Because it will be for going out to clubs I don't want to spend too much. I'm also losing weight and building muscle (9kg down, 6 to go!) so I don't know how much use I will get out of it in the future but I do have a wedding to attend in late...
Loafers are back from Rekaris. 24 hour turn around and $10 for front and back plastic taps.
I'm surprised I don't hear any excitement about the new Steve Madden store opening on Bourke Street!
I'll let you know how much the taps cost tomorrow. All I remember when I asked about the price last time is that it was quite low.
Nice to see everyone survived the update. My C&J Loafers arrived today. Off getting taps/plates/blakeys put on at Rekaris and then it will be a long wait for the weather to fine up so that I can wear them. Maybe I'll bring them on my US trip in a few weeks, should be nice and hot over there. I must say the quality is an easily visible step up from my Loake shoes and the fit is spot on. They're appear to be made for BB Peal & Co but the markings are slightly different to...
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