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I just added a pair of strands to my cart on amazon, got a quote of 263+$14 shipping. Very reasonable.
Thanks guys. Hunt leather is just around the corner, I'll go take a look.
On leather goods, does anyone have any recommendations of brands/stores to look at for a decent leather folio? Just looking for something to hold a note pad and a couple of A4 reports. No specified price range at the moment, just trying to get an idea of what is out there.
I was under the impression that there are no 'official' Alden stores just different levels of retailers.
I couldn't believe how much of an impact 10kg of weight loss had on my face shape. Looking at old photos is strange.
Tried to get an old TV running here, couldn't get decent reception. ABC Grandstand will have to do.
Alden Cigar Brixton boot would be my guess.
I've been wearing some Randolph Engineering square aviators for a couple of years. Tough as nails and they look pretty sharp.
PJ suits are made in the Netherlands. Suit Supply is a dutch company that sells suits made in other countries (my suit supply jacket is made in china). I think that's why there is confusion.
Being cotton and with contrast buttons like it has I'd say it will work fine as a blazer.
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