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Boy they're close to Azzaro. Is Sth Melb becoming the menswear hub for melbourne?
What's the new address?
So on the linen for summer note, where are the places to look for linen/cotton jackets this year? I like the look of the POW check jacket herringbone have at the moment. Where else should I look? Is this something Azzaro has?
I've been wearing a lightweight red bomber/harrington type jacket for the last couple of weeks on the nicer days we've had. I feel like I'm the only one who doesn't see in black and white
The tie avatars are the default with the redesigned SF.I have seen them in pictures and certainly considered them but I don't want to buy without trying on first and I've got no trips to HK any time soon.
Certainly a valid concern. I think due to my relative youth and lack of a conservative business environment I should be able to get good use out of them for many years, even if the current fad status of them moves on.Thanks for the information, I assumed AT would be much more expensive but that's not far off online prices at all.
I certainly intend to shortly. Looking to get some Lowndes.
The issue I've got with price matching is that it doesn't look like many places online actually have stock of many C&Js online. If he's going to match prices regardless of stock levels then that is definitely VERY interesting.
If you're travelling to the US at the end of the year then I'd just wait and buy them over there. The guys at the Alden shops I visited (NYC and SF) are pretty decent. Helpful, but not pushy and quite happy for you to try on heaps of different stuff. Personally I couldn't find a fit on the indy boot that I was happy with. Maybe I misunderstood your comment though.
I have a couple of degrees of separation to the Carbon Copy guys. I don't know much about them but the thing that frustrated me was the lack of info about the shirt fabrics. I submitted a question to them asking for details and suggesting that they increase the info on their website but it seems nothing has happened.
New Posts  All Forums: