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Yep, I live within walking distance of mei and picchi but only operating in normal business hours means they're almost impossible for me to get to.
Can anyone recommend a place in the melbourne CBD that sells suit hangers? I've broken 2 in 2 months somehow :\
For what it's worth I'm currently drooling over these.
Yeah Macclesfield seems to cover a few different styles of printed silk though. I've also seen them called 'neat' (I think by Drake's).
Sounds exactly like you. I was behind you but ducked off into the causeway to get some sushi. What's the suit? edit: Yep that was you. I didn't know how to describe that tie pattern, does that style have a name?
Spotted in the Bourke street mall : Grey/Brown suit, blue shirt with a faint stripe to it, brown tie and brown oxfords (C&J Hallams if my eyes are as good as I like to think they are). I couldn't maneuver to check for a pocket square but the fit on the suit was great.
If you know the dimensions of the parcel you can calculate it here : http://auspost.com.au/apps/domestic-parcel.html
Voucher code bit looks gone. Weird.
Sweet managed to order a pocket square! personally I went with : Spotted a gent in a pocket square and bow tie on my lunch break. I doubt it was one of you guys unless you were feeling inspired by PGs week of bowties?
I went to Herringbone yesterday and met Christian. He was with another customer doing a MTO suit but he still made an effort to have a quick chat about ordering in some Lowndes in calf. He struck me as being quite passionate about menswear so I think he'll be great for Herringbone in Melbourne. He previously worked at a shoe store in London so next Fridays drinks sounds like they could be a bit of fun and quite a good source of information to boot.
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