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Yeah Macclesfield seems to cover a few different styles of printed silk though. I've also seen them called 'neat' (I think by Drake's).
Sounds exactly like you. I was behind you but ducked off into the causeway to get some sushi. What's the suit? edit: Yep that was you. I didn't know how to describe that tie pattern, does that style have a name?
Spotted in the Bourke street mall : Grey/Brown suit, blue shirt with a faint stripe to it, brown tie and brown oxfords (C&J Hallams if my eyes are as good as I like to think they are). I couldn't maneuver to check for a pocket square but the fit on the suit was great.
If you know the dimensions of the parcel you can calculate it here :
Voucher code bit looks gone. Weird.
Sweet managed to order a pocket square! personally I went with : Spotted a gent in a pocket square and bow tie on my lunch break. I doubt it was one of you guys unless you were feeling inspired by PGs week of bowties?
I went to Herringbone yesterday and met Christian. He was with another customer doing a MTO suit but he still made an effort to have a quick chat about ordering in some Lowndes in calf. He struck me as being quite passionate about menswear so I think he'll be great for Herringbone in Melbourne. He previously worked at a shoe store in London so next Fridays drinks sounds like they could be a bit of fun and quite a good source of information to boot.
Boy they're close to Azzaro. Is Sth Melb becoming the menswear hub for melbourne?
What's the new address?
So on the linen for summer note, where are the places to look for linen/cotton jackets this year? I like the look of the POW check jacket herringbone have at the moment. Where else should I look? Is this something Azzaro has?
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