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Email from Azzaro just now New Arrivals : Versace Collection and Antichi Telai for $700 Cantarelli for $800 Also jeans? I've been thinking it might be worth another visit out that way.
I was also in there at lunch and had a bit of a look at shirts but left empty handed. A few things that I think are noteworthy. That level 3 is a scary quiet, there are only 1 or 2 customers in the whole place and the staff are just standing around. In contrast getting some help at the Thomas Pink area seems impossible, is that area really unmanned?I checked out some of the MJ Bale stuff for the first time also, had a look at the unlined seersucker jacket. Couldn't get a...
Best of luck with the tie business Jason, I look forward to seeing the product. I'm amazed when I walk into David Jones to look at the tables and racks of ties and all I see is maybe 1 tie in a hundred that I would even wear, and it's twice the price I'd be willing to pay.
Ablett is looking pretty sharp in his midnight blue tux.
I wish you were a couple of sizes larger CUP, just the kind of stuff I'm looking for at the moment
If you are just after the Pate de Luxe you can get two 100ml tins delivered from http://www.valmour.com/ for about $25. They will ship up to 2 tins via a small air mail parcel I believe. If you add a 3rd item or any of the products that come in jars at all then the shipping is 24 Euros instead of 4. Still not cheap but definitely not the $20+ per 50ml mentioned above. A slightly more expensive but more flexible option is http://www.afinepairofshoes.co.uk/ . You can get a...
Hey Christian. It was a shame I had to leave early but I had a friend who got stranded by himself at a pub, a situation no man should have to endure on a Friday night. It was great to catch up and meet some of the guys from the forum and I look forward to the next one.
Might be of interest to the Sydney members : http://www.dmarge.com/2011/09/introducing-zimma-tailors-sydney.html
My rhodes and beckett PS arrived! Just the one though. It's a nice big square, pretty happy with it. I'll be there Mickey D!
My account also has my order as having 2 pocket squares. Also mine says it's been shipped!
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