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Anyone cycling in to work today? Spotted a bloke on the corner of Gertrude and Nicholson in some classic prep clothes. Blue blazer, light shirt (couldn't catch the colour), pale yellow and blue wide horizontal stripe knit tie, light blue pants (maybe even seersucker) and some lovely brown punch caps. Even if it wasn't one of you guys it was great to see, made me wish I had my camera.
I also get the feeling they MIGHT be considering a $149 shirt.
Fair enough. Perhaps it disappeared from your letterbox? It was just a normal envelope with a pocket square stuffed inside.
What does your order status say CHECKstar? A few of us got ours quite a while ago...
I've never desired a grey suit quite as much as I do now after seeing Guido's blog post about his latest, more 'classic', grey suit from Patrick Johnson. Seriously beautiful stuff.
Damn, sounds like I definitely need to get in there.
Those were recommended to me by Bodileys when I inquired as to whether they had stock of the Lowndes a month or so back. All I was told is that they were "made using the finest materials by highly skilled craftsmen in Northampton, England".
Email from Azzaro just now New Arrivals : Versace Collection and Antichi Telai for $700 Cantarelli for $800 Also jeans? I've been thinking it might be worth another visit out that way.
I was also in there at lunch and had a bit of a look at shirts but left empty handed. A few things that I think are noteworthy. That level 3 is a scary quiet, there are only 1 or 2 customers in the whole place and the staff are just standing around. In contrast getting some help at the Thomas Pink area seems impossible, is that area really unmanned?I checked out some of the MJ Bale stuff for the first time also, had a look at the unlined seersucker jacket. Couldn't get a...
Best of luck with the tie business Jason, I look forward to seeing the product. I'm amazed when I walk into David Jones to look at the tables and racks of ties and all I see is maybe 1 tie in a hundred that I would even wear, and it's twice the price I'd be willing to pay.
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