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I love this fabric, really happy with the button down I got with it.
I've nearly bought that loafer a number of times, the navy looks great as well.
Joe Black quality doesn't seem too bad, not a fan of the cuts though. I've suggested Azzaro to a few friends, everyones come away very happy.
It's down the south end of Smith St, while it doesn't have the same image as Collins St, Gertrude St and that corner of Smith do have have some high end fashion stores.
I live nearbyish, will check it out.
You don't do any physical activity, including semi-physical activity like going to the park?
Ah that will be interesting.
I wouldn't hold your breath for Rugby. It was announced a couple of weeks ago that it's being shut down in 2013.edit: What's happening in 2014?
He toned down his lapels this season.
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