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I've always liked the look of the 3-eyelet simpson last bluchers that the armoury has offered. I think it looks just as good in suede.I've mainly been tempted by the single monk, burgundy boot(dangerously burgundy) and the suede boot
Thanks, Katrina's is the other place I've been meaning to check out.In shoe news I had a look at Carmina's online store and they have added a lot more styles. Sizes are limited in some but the pirces are pretty great. The cheaper models (basic oxfords and the like) are available for about $400 including shipping. $500 for boots and shell models can be had for under $600.They also seem to have updated their checkout process so that it's easier for international purchases.
I've got a few shirts that need some slimming so I'm looking for a new alterationist. Has anyone tried G&M Galati on Elgin St near Lygon? I popped in and the prices seemed very reasonable, I'd just like a vote of confidence about the work they do. If no one has I'll bite the bullet and report back.
I'm hopeful that I'll be able to pop in for a drink before dinner on Thursday.
Ah I'm next door in 121 Exhibition. I can see nauru from my desk!
I'm a contractor for state government at the moment, what building are you in? Personally I'm moving towards trousers + coat with a pocketsquare but no ite as my go-to work clothes. Allows me to have some fun without the constraints of a tie or looking too 'dressed up'.Also spotted MickeyD at lunch time walking up Swanston Street wearing some black double monks and a navy suit.
Ah yes I've been meaning to check them out, cheers.Also count me interested for the potential melbourne catchup.edit : prices on APC at INCU aren't as bad as I thought they would be. Might check them out this week.
Where can you buy APC in Melbourne?
Just had a look at my last invoice it was 28GBP for shipping. they were only loafers though so maybe it's weight based?
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