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I've got to pass. Rolled my ankle at on the weekend so I'm limiting any unnecessary walking. For future reference thick socks and boots provide nice compression for such an injury.
Oh I've also got some of Epaulets new line of cotton regimental twills arriving soon so I can provide some feedback on those as well.
I'm keen for lunch. On more sartorial matters Howard Yount has a new line of made in america pants that have a higher rise and are a bit more generous in the seat. If memory serves both of those were common complaints in this thread. I've ordered a pair of the chestnut cords as I'm on a bit of a cordoruy kick at the moment.
Great to meet all the Melbourne guys last night. I look forward to the next meetup.
Tobias and myself are going to meet up near our offices and will probably be there by 6ish.
I'd guess DJ's might have Marcoliani locked down, but it's just a guess.
Oh if you'll be there Pink Socks I think I'll recognise you from the herringbone evening, even though I was there briefly. I'm also wearing double monks, aren't we original little butterflies.
Looks like I'll be able to pop in for a quick drink tonight. I'm not sure if I'll recognise anyone there so my plan is to find the group of men with the nicest shoes, will this work?
My v-necks that were DJ branded pilled worse than any other knitwear I've ever owned. Herringbone during their pop up sales has some good stuff. I picked up a great cardigan from there last year. I also have an Ansett Gold wool/cashmere blend crew neck that I got from DJ's for travel a while back. It's actually held up the best of any of my sweaters I find myself wearing it all the time for casual clothing.
Colour is fantastic. I'd struggle to resist a boot in that leather.
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