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Just got a reply from Pepe at Meermin. They've stopped mail orders for a while due to demand. I guess I'll wait to see what their online store looks like.
I thought something rang a bell with the name but searching for pinstripe was predictably unhelpful in this thread. Caution well noted.I was going to guess at them being shakespeares. That suit is fantastic, especially on a day like today.
Baby Cord chestnuts. 34 is too small for me in the italian cut, but perfect in the new US cut.Lunchtime adventures, went to Treviso for a pizza (thanks for the tip on that place, guys) and spotted a possible member. Khaki/sand/creme suit with lightbrown/tan double monks and a knit tie.I also visited McClouds to buy a suede brush and had a bit of a browse. Quite a nice shop to be even if the range is a touch limited. Far too much space spent on chunky casual hybrid shoe...
Yeah email is the wayt to go for all orders, it seems.
Back to Meermin for a moment, I love the way they've done some of their half-rubber soles featured on the tumblr. I think I'll send them an email to see if they've got any captoe boots using that style or if not I'll look into a MTO option. I've been looking for a refine wet weather boot for some time. I received my new Howard Yount pants this week, as mentioned previously they're his new cut and are made in america instead of the USA. I've got a pretty strong suspicion...
How much do Meermin go for and what's the best way to purchase them?
Time is spot on so I'd say so. I was wearing sunnies which would make my colour guesses off. I was wearing a red cotton bomber and we kinda made awkward eye contact.
One of you guys walking up Russell Street this morning? Grey suit, pink shirt, burgundy knit tie (official?) and some black captoes.
Got my cotton twill walts this week and absolutely loving them! They feel tough but still look great with a blazer. Does anyone own the fidelity shawl collar peacoat? I received mine but it doesn't have any inside buttons so I'm wondering if this is normal or a fault.
Blast. Button came off my jacket. Not sure if it was shoddy workmanship or a not so subtle hint that I need to lose weight.
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