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Welcome, spandexter.I have no knowledge of suit wear so I can't help you but I'm sure someone around here does. Personally I've got a similar walk commute and I stick to trousers and a jacket and pick my trousers to be from tougher fabrics.edit: crazy formatting
I'm just happy with my sherlock-holmes-like deductive reasoning.
Strange ad. It doesn't really say who they are only that they have holland and sherry and vitale barberis canonico. The pricing seems VERY similar to Strickland & Sons sale prices. They've also had stock clearance sales going for a while now so I suspect it's them.
I don't own any green ties and it fits well in our Australian theme. Consider me on board.
Do you have any heavy silk twills? 50oz navy/burgundy/green?
It was a satirical label by Marc Jacobs. He was making fun of the industry, and himself.
Agree with all of this.
Slightly darker!Regarding a forum tie, what about an emblem on the front of the blade of the tie. That way it would be visible sometimes but not always?
Also do you plan to do any other colours? The knot on that looks fantastic.
In melbourne we all wave large styleforum flags above our heads at all times. The 'possible spotting' thing is just a not so clever ruse.
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