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Did anyone watch Gordon Street Tonight...tonight? Yusuf had some very sharp looking double monk boots on.
MJB was stocked at DJs for a while. No idea if they still are.
Welcome, spandexter.I have no knowledge of suit wear so I can't help you but I'm sure someone around here does. Personally I've got a similar walk commute and I stick to trousers and a jacket and pick my trousers to be from tougher fabrics.edit: crazy formatting
I'm just happy with my sherlock-holmes-like deductive reasoning.
Strange ad. It doesn't really say who they are only that they have holland and sherry and vitale barberis canonico. The pricing seems VERY similar to Strickland & Sons sale prices. They've also had stock clearance sales going for a while now so I suspect it's them.
I don't own any green ties and it fits well in our Australian theme. Consider me on board.
Do you have any heavy silk twills? 50oz navy/burgundy/green?
It was a satirical label by Marc Jacobs. He was making fun of the industry, and himself.
Agree with all of this.
Slightly darker!Regarding a forum tie, what about an emblem on the front of the blade of the tie. That way it would be visible sometimes but not always?
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