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I've spent a bit of time looking at this and can't find anywhere that it specifies for any 50oz tie what exact that 50oz represents. Obviously it's impossible that said ties are made from a fabric that is 50oz/sq.yd. As such I'd guess that the 50oz represents some other area of fabric but it's really impossible to know without asking someone who has dealt with macclesfield or similar.
Sounding great Jason (I always want to call you Charlie). It's a 7-fold, right?
The second one looks terrific, as does CBT5/A1797/33
I love the grey chalk stripe. I think it'd make a great 'serious business' suit.
Count me in the gold wombat camp.
Carminas are starting to dominate this thread and I like it. I put forward that Gerry has to wear his wholecut shell cordovan ones to the next meetup. On the tie, at this stage I like the wattle but I'd love to see blahmans suggestion of a gold wombat because I think the colour scheme is a big part of why the wattle looks so good.
Just the more casual, less refined nature of the outfit.
Yes so I imagined. I assume American Tailors is a good bet for finding some?I don't know how many points you'll score with the more conservative guys here but I really like this.
With winter (and its good pal rain) approaching I think it's time I purchased a decent umbrella. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm happy with a stick umbrella as I don't really have a need for a compact one and prefer the extra rigidity. Online I've considered Howard Yount and Fox (via The Armoury). Any local options worth pursuing?
I don't think so. I think the straps were higher and the toe had quite a chisel to it.
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