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The second one looks terrific, as does CBT5/A1797/33
I love the grey chalk stripe. I think it'd make a great 'serious business' suit.
Count me in the gold wombat camp.
Carminas are starting to dominate this thread and I like it. I put forward that Gerry has to wear his wholecut shell cordovan ones to the next meetup. On the tie, at this stage I like the wattle but I'd love to see blahmans suggestion of a gold wombat because I think the colour scheme is a big part of why the wattle looks so good.
Just the more casual, less refined nature of the outfit.
Yes so I imagined. I assume American Tailors is a good bet for finding some?I don't know how many points you'll score with the more conservative guys here but I really like this.
With winter (and its good pal rain) approaching I think it's time I purchased a decent umbrella. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm happy with a stick umbrella as I don't really have a need for a compact one and prefer the extra rigidity. Online I've considered Howard Yount and Fox (via The Armoury). Any local options worth pursuing?
I don't think so. I think the straps were higher and the toe had quite a chisel to it.
Did anyone watch Gordon Street Tonight...tonight? Yusuf had some very sharp looking double monk boots on.
MJB was stocked at DJs for a while. No idea if they still are.
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