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Got an email from Pepe recently saying that you can now do mail orders from the catalogue they have at their website. I'm thinking these bluchers might be worth a look. I've sent an email asking about shipping costs so I'll let you guys know what I hear.
Thanks for that David, very helpful.
Ah cool.Yeah I contacted Pepe recently but I was too late and he said he's no longer doing email orders. It'll be interesting to see what their online store looks like.
Where did you order the Meermins from?
I know the topic of jeans was discussed a little while back so I thought I'd share. I received some 3 Sixteen SL-100x from Self Edge today and I'm pretty thrilled. They're a great slim straight cut and they feel really tough. The thing I like most is the obscenely long inseam, at 6'3" being able to cuff a pair of jeans and still have some break is something I always thought would be impossible.
That's a beautiful looking shoe, congratulations.
Royal blue walts and camo rivets on the way. It's going to be a long couple of weeks waiting for them to arrive.
Yep, I was thinking it would be worth asking David Hober as he stocks macclesfield silks.
I've spent a bit of time looking at this and can't find anywhere that it specifies for any 50oz tie what exact that 50oz represents. Obviously it's impossible that said ties are made from a fabric that is 50oz/sq.yd. As such I'd guess that the 50oz represents some other area of fabric but it's really impossible to know without asking someone who has dealt with macclesfield or similar.
Sounding great Jason (I always want to call you Charlie). It's a 7-fold, right?
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