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What does 'brb' mean in this context?
Prices on C&J are very reasonable, 485 for benchgrade (and maybe 585 for hand) I think. The rest of the brands are a bit rich for my blood, all in the 1000+ category but I didn't take particular note as I honestly haven't looked at the prices of EG, JL, G/A Clevery etc.As the article says they've also got some great accessories and saphir products available.It's a great shop and definitely worth a visit.
I've got a fair collection because I dress pretty casually these days. In the older cut with actual rivet buttons I've got the Japanese khaki, navy canvas and olive twill service pants. In the new cut I've got the camo, french blue 7oz duck, caramel 10oz duck and brushed graphite.If you made me pick a favourite it'd be a hard to choose between the japanese khaki and caramel duck.
I've got a couple pairs of rivets. They're a lot more casual than the walts, lower rise a bit more relaxed in the seat with a touch more taper. The taped out seam also makes them look more a lot more casual. I wear them on casual days with a buttoned shirt and on the weekend with a tee.I don't really want to comment on fit because there is so much vanity sizing in the industry. Your best bet is definitely to compare the measurements to something else, keeping in mind that...
Where did you go for the thornproof? I'm just about to reproof my jacket.
Inverallan chunky knit cardigan, completely wrong season but I've been looking at them for ages, it will give me something to look forward to when winter rolls around again.
Just a quick comment to say that it looks Luxire are back on top of the orders. Ordered a shirt on the 21st, shipping confirmation received today and it should arrive on Monday.
Great, now we've got arguments about arguments.
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