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Too much time in the gym...And the pub :\
I would have but didn't want to start a conversation about my 'internet clothing friends'.
Sitting outside too.Probably looked like it. I was working from home and as such dressed casually, would have looked more at home on SW&D than MC.
How was the burger, Gerry? You were looking pretty sharp. #lightstalking #isthishowyouusehashtags
Weightloss is definitely almost all diet choice for me. I work off a "diet for loss and exercise for maintenance" rule.
Ah. I was wondering if it was the Navy cotton-linen chambray that was mentioned on that page. Is that shown somewhere on the website?
Which fabric is shown on the shirt jacket page here: It looks different to the Navy Chambray by Brembana.
Maybe it's rational...
I placed an order on tuesday morning and got the shipping notification on thursday night. With a bit of luck on shipping that could be an amazing turnaround.
I think that angle always exagerates how break looks. I often look down thinking it's wrong only to look in the mirror and be quite pleased.
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