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$37.50 Half decent offer.
i would like to see some pictures if you don't mind... i'm kinda curious
I'm totally gonna try to buy him a beer.I just lost some weight, don't fatten me up!
I feel like there's a lot of college students (like me).
did anyone read the last part where formaldahyde is also in dry cleaning?
so you think thrift stores would fall under "mis-fits?"
Hmm... That means I must actually be either awake and semi-coherent at business times, or not busy studying for exams. Time to find my skype account so I can call abroad. Thanks for your help.
clever! make them come to you. I wonder how many desperate girls there are on craigslist.... oh wait, girls on craigslist don't have tiny feet. out of curiosity, do you look online or kinda randomly find one?
self confidence. and other positive attributes
Quote: Originally Posted by countdemoney When I broke up with mine last year, I gave her both the gifts that I bought for her (b-day and x-mas). Just seemed right. You should have given them to her already, but it's still the right thing to do unless you plan to only date a girl with size X shoes. Should be some great conversations with your next gf when she finds them -- "Whose shoes are these!" Let us know how that one goes. maybe that...
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