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can someone recommend a nice boot like this Cole Haan for the winter? Preferably in a medium brown.
Looking for a casual driver that I can wear for more than driving. Thoughts on these and recommendation on more affordable alternatives? Basel Kudu Suede Dark Brown - $464.58
Looking for a versatile casual driver (prefer suede) to wear with shorts and chinos (or other cotton trousers), any suggestions on specific shoes, brands, or sites to look on? Does a suede make it more casual? Hoping for something in the $100-$150 price point, but willing to spend more if I really need to. Similar to these: Polo Ralph Lauren 'Telly' Driving Loafer Prada Suede Driving Shoe Cole Haan 'Air Grant' Driving Loafer
The jacket was my next question =)
What type of collar is pictured here that makes it "stand up" so nicely like that? If there were no blazer would this shirt collar sort of fall flat like much like here? Sorry, probably a dumb question but I have an obsession with how collars sit. Mine never seem to do what I want.
I appreciate the lesson . Somehow it didn't even cross my mind to e-mail Clarks directly .
Can anyone answer this? I suspect it got overlooked.
What are the significant differences between the Clarks Desert Boot and the Clarks Original Desert Boot? My local store only has the originals.
Google Image search ftw:
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