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Right on cue, I received this email from the Grenson mailing list today, which explains the G1 situation!The styles are named after City streets, e.g. Cannon, Aldgate. They look nice.
I own a couple of newish Grensons, with which I am quite happy - the Tom semi-brogue in black, and the Smith chukka in brown, both 9.5F on single-leather soles. For the price, the stitching and leather seem good. I should point out that my comparisons are very low-end, I only started paying attention to shoes a couple of years ago. Before then it was the horrors of Clarks, Jones Bootmaker, Aldo (!) etc. So I suppose quality is relative. However, I can say that in...
David, thanks for starting this thread and keeping it updated. I am very keen to hear how you get on. I'm also 28 and considering between C&D and SS, so your journey is an instructive one for me.
Anyone know if they still put that ridiculous crap under their collars? I was about to order, searched here first, and now am reconsidering. If I wanted somebody else to personalise my shirt with crap, I'd hand the laptop to my three year old nephew.
Thanks all for the replies and advice. I have finally got around to ordering a pair of Grenson Smith's - in 'burnt pine' from Edwards of Manchester (£5 cheaper than the Grenson online store, and with free shoe trees and delivery!) Pic here:
Thanks Chasingred - they look very nice, but unfortunately no my size.
Those Alfred Sargent Quorns look great - just a shame they are burnished and not plain. I will check out the C&Js too. Price not too much of an issue if I get the wear out of them. I know you you mean about the shapes, although I don't think the Barker Atwood is too bad. I think the suede finish for chukkas is much more forgiving to odd shapes in some way.
After lurking here for a while, I think it may now be time to dive in with a question. I am on the lookout for a good quality pair of chukka boots, with goodyear welted soles. However, like many on here, I am quite demanding! I want these to last forever (with re-soling) so I am looking for plain calf-type leather (not textured, burnished, suede) in dark brown (not tan). Obviously, they also have to look good! Current candidates are: Barker's Atwood, ~£175, not...
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