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Given these have been up for a week with no interest, they are now going on eBay (UK), here.
Hello, my first ad on this forum, so please be gentle. The shoes Brand: Loake Line: 1880 Style: "Whitehall" (penny loafers) Size: 9.5F using the UK system (I believe is about a Euro 44 or 10.5US, but please check) Fitting: F (standard width) Last: 0025 RRP: £209 Condition As new. Tried on in carpeted office only (see sole pictures). In the original cloth bags, in the original unmarked Loake 1880 box. Price £100, which is less than half the £209 RRP. The story I bought...
I frequently fly on business. I also like wearing braces ('suspenders' for the US gentlemen) with my suits, and more occasionally, with odd trousers and jackets. As those who share this predilection will testify, airport scanners don't much like the metal fastenings on braces. This is not just the case for awful crocodile-clip braces, but also for the adjustment metalwork on serious leather-tipped or woven-tipped braces. Has anyone ever found any quality braces that use...
Totally agree with Bullitt on all points. I have some Grenson G2 range semi-brogues and Loake 1880 semi-brougues, bought a month apart for alternating on office days. Two years later, the Loakes still look new, and the Grensons are beginning to look ropey. I also have to polish the Grensons twice as much, as the leather really doesn't hold its lustre. It also seems to react worse when it's caught in the occasional rain shower. On the positive side, the Grenson leather is...
David, many thanks for the full update, very helpful. Pictures would be an added bonus, yes. Congratulations on the suit, it looks like you've got yourself something quite special.
After years of using plastic collar stays, I bought some bone stays from Abbeyhorn. Under £20 delivered, but more refined than plastic, and with a nice texture. If you want to go playa you can have them monogrammed, but I don't see the point. They smell 'calciumy', which I quite like. I don't wear these all the time. Some collars look better with a little roll and curve. But to each their own.
I am just about to buy a TM Lewin suit. I know it's not going to be to the standard of my MTM stuff from Graham Browne, etc. However, they are having a sale now in the UK, and half canvassed suits are going for £199 (down from £500-£600). They also have a 3-month no-quibble guarantee, so if I don't like it when it arrives and I try it on, it's going straight back. Still, £200 for half-canvassed is cheaper than SuitSupply.
Tennisguru - how did your greatcoat work out? I am moving to the West Country and considering Barrington Ayre. I'd be very keen to see any pics: suits, outerwear, shirts, etc.
I'm an Englishman, and I shoot occasionally. As such, I have jackets like this. In addition to shooting, they are totally appropriate for events such as point to point races, fishing and other country pursuits. Paired with a light blue or wool/cotton check shirt and jeans, cords or moleskins, they are fine to wear in country villages and towns. I would have no hesitation in enjoying a meal in a country puub-restaurant wearing this ensemble. In cities and urban...
Right on cue, I received this email from the Grenson mailing list today, which explains the G1 situation!The styles are named after City streets, e.g. Cannon, Aldgate. They look nice.
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