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Recently decided to cut alcohol out for a while. Earl Grey with a bit of milk and sugar for me right now. Otherwise, sparkling water has been a go-to for me.
As for the food scene, +1 on Wildwood and Andina. Also try Blue Hour, which is in the Pearl District. As for as good Japanese branded clothing, I think you will need to go further north to Seattle or Vancouver, BC for that.
[/quote] I went the GA route as there was not much choice or option here in Sydney (Australia) & by chance the my connection with GA her helped, but if I was in a situation where I could go back I would - as it is being in Asia will give provide me access to great tailoring with great prices as well as access to more GA at even better prices, so I am now just weighing up my options - also like you I am an avid follower of this thread & I love seeing the Italian look by...
El Guapo Wongo has sported some great knit ties with suits on the WAYWT thread. I think he's captured the look very nicely.
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton I like the Modern, but I would not put it in the top five rooms, maybe not even the top ten. I suppose someone may as well mention the Four Seasons. If not the best, then the most famous room? I am misunderstanding your criteria, perhaps. What about One If By Land?
The dining room at The Modern. While not a view of the city or anything like that, but having dinner by the MoMA's sculpture garden is pretty cool. Oh, and food, service, and everything else there is fantastic.
Medium grey.
Well, with the strong Canadian dollar (or the weak US dollar) and no sales tax, Mario's, Saks, and Nordstrom may be worth a trip downtown.
Quote: Originally Posted by theyare Is this an open sale or do you need to present the postcard you received? Are there any exclusions? As to exclusions, I suspect there are, since the card uses the phrase "selected clothing, shoes, and accessories . . ." Having said that, Barneys sales are usually very good.
* Suits - RLPL * Sport coats - RLPL * Trousers - Incotex * Dress shirts - don't have any RTW * Cashmere sweaters/cardigans - Barneys * Wool/merino sweaters - J. Crew * Overcoats - Ermenegildo Zegna (reversible for rain) * Dress shoes - Gravati * Ties - Borrelli * Pocket squares - Hermes * Socks - J. Crew * Scarves - Agnes B Homme * Jeans - Seven For All Man KInd * Casual shirts - Brooks Bros OCBD * Polo shirts - J. Crew * Hoodies - an old one with my...
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