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Hey all, So I just got a new job so I need to update my wardrobe a bit. This is the basic look I want to go for: It's just your basic chino+ dress shirt + shoes. I'm going for the modern business casual look. I'm just not sure what fit he is wearing and what stores I should check out. Are the shoes oxfords?
I'm trying to pick a scarf that will look good with my vintage peacoat. I want something with neutral colors so I can wear it with other outfits as well. What does everyone think about this one? Edit: Or if I were to go with a little more...
Peacoat Does it matter which side of the pea coat you button with? Right now I am buttoning the coat with the right side over the left side. I'm also finding it a little difficult to button up. I find that I really have to pull it tight to my left side to be able to line it up with the holes and then force them through. I tried it with the left side over the right side and it is a little bit easier. I'm just wondering if there is a correct way to wear it. The top...
I personally like the look of the Jcrew pea coat more. I think the two flap pockets on teh RL coat ruin the clean look that I like about the traditional pea coat. You should also consider getting a vintage pea coat. I just purchased one from the 1950s that is still in very good condition.
Hey All, I just purchased a set of Luxury Wooden Jacket Hanger from Kirby Allison Hanger Project : I only need 2 but you have to buy them in sets of 3 for $69 plus shipping. So I have an extra one that I wish to sell. I just want to get back approximately what I paid for it which is $24. I'm looking to sell it to someone local so I don't have to ship it. PM me if you are interested and you live in the Boston area.
I found this small cozy shop about a block from where I work. The owner/seamstress said it was only going to take a couple of hours. So I dropped it of in the morning before work and I picked it up at lunch time. It was great. I might go back and ask her to do all the buttons as CP suggested.
I did take it to a seamstress today. It only cost me $2 so it was very cheap.
I'm pretty clueless when it comes to sewing. How do I know if a thread is heavy enough? Is there a thickness that I should use or is there a specific thread made for buttons?
Peacoat One of the buttons fell off of my pea coat already. I remember you mentioned before that you wrote a guide on how to sew it back on. Can you point me to it?
Thanks Peacoat. I think the sleeves would be perfect if they were about 0.5" longer. I'll look into getting sleeve lengthened with the material from inside the cuff. I took some closer pictures so you can better see the fit. I was wearing a thin sweater in the previous photos. I'm just wearing a shirt here. How long should a pea coat be? I think mine is a little too long. Edit: Are these the hangers that you...
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