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Yep and unless you get DCT its always searching for the right gear it seems.
Lol you mean like Kate Upton?You're right, I was referring to a 335
I have an E92 as well. The n54 motor is bulletproof for sure aside from turbo and fuel pump problems. I still say the E46 is better having owned both but that's more the purist in me. I'm sure the E3x guys will say they're better. The trend at BMW lately is on a downward slope. E46>E9x>Fx but tech is the other way around. They're also cutting luxury corners too just like MB did with the With the W204 and W212 That said, I absolute love my car and it's always a blast to...
Ha! Turbo lag es no bueno. Nothing will top the e46 both for its motor and the car as a whole.That said, I will reserve judgment until I can get behind the wheel and test drive the new one.And 140 base for the 3 series GT... ::yawn::
I agree with that. The current 3 is the size and weight of an old 5 series with none of the dynamics. It's obvious they're trying to cater to a much broader audience and moving away from their old principals
Lol pretty sure that's him in the back of the black e46 vertAnyone else waiting on a F82 M4?I'm not a fan of the current f30 3'ers ( steering and suspension are not what a BMW should be)But I'm hoping the boys in the M Division will remedy that
I thought I remembered you saying that you used to go to Bimmerfest and some of the other BMW/euro related car events years back. The ones in the pictures just happened but it might remind you of some you went to. Not a big deal, just wanted to throw up some pics for fun and mix my car in with the lot while I was at it
Jet: does this bring back memories?
bump all offers considered!
Anyone? All offers considered. Surely someone has interest in these. When I used to frequent this site, people liked these types of things but I suppose times change BUMP
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