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How exactly is the Chanel basket a "runway piece?" Did the models walk while carrying the baskets? Maybe on their heads, like Egyptians?
Agreed, those are beautiful. Much more eye-catching than the Black Sense version.
I'm usually a sucker for gray suede chunky trainers but I also don't think they're the best here. Never looks ideal with structured, clean lines IMO. Part of why I think NBs look pretty good with EG stuff.
Love that, Synth. Your Cloak fits are probably my favorite.
@hermes man what's your MMR?
I've always wondered about the cut of the seat for Zam's pants. Do the thighs abruptly tighten in the upper leg, or is the model just... phat? Probably the #1 factor dissuading me from considering his pants.
Incredible Junya N3B parka from FW06, size M, ¥37,800. I feel @Parker, @kgfan5, @cyc wid it, @el Bert can all pull this off.
Good catch, I just did some digging and you may actually be right! The auction I bought this from ~3 years ago referred to it as a traveling jacket and I guess I just assumed it was correct. So the "easy" pieces are the wool ones, and the "traveling" ones are the cotton ones, with both featuring snap closures. Thanks!
Hopefully some people enjoyed reading my last few blog posts... here's a new one on my Traveling Jacket from Soloist FW10. @ everyone who PM'ed me with thoughts and suggestions -- thanks, I really appreciate it!
http://www.ebay.com/itm/RARE-PATRIK-ERVELL-NEW-YORK-LARGE-CLUB-COLLAR-SAILING-PRINT-SPORT-SHIRT-/391326243993?hash=item5b1cdc9c99:g:3t0AAOSwHQ9WUVQW Pretty sure lots of people were after this shirt... great condition, nice price, size L. If I had the extra cash I'd scoop this up...
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