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Damn!!! Love this!
I dunno, this appeals to me a lot from a social standpoint vs. a profit-based one. I'd do this with no expectation of coming out in the black, just to meet cool people and see cool shit in person.
Depends on how much you're willing to pay for expensive streetwear I guess. I'm under the impression they retail for quite a bit less than that though -- like 15k jpy? Haven't kept up with them for about half a decade, though.
Old school Japanese streetwear. Imo it's a step below neighbourhood. Comparable to old Bape, which wasn't great quality but not terrible either.
Kamakura was the first place I checked, unfortunately most of what suited me was sold out. They use a lot of twill, too. I'll check out Everlane. Thanks!
Need a white shirt for a wedding, I'm thinking Kamakura but does anyone have any suggestions? Looking for: Taller, more pointed collar MOP buttons Slim but not skinny $150 or so Thanks!
Oh god I just reinstalled today after 2 years clean...
http://store.headporter.co.jp/products/detail.php?product_id=9 Really interested in getting a Porter 3 Way Tanker for work, anyone knows if this fits a MBP 15"? Measurements seem to show it'll be a tight fit but I'd like to confirm. Thanks!
Is there any way to change my username? I've loathed it for years, it was actually my AIM handle from way back in middle school. It's also stupidly my first name and the first letter of my last name, and I'd like to reduce the odds of getting doxxed as much as I can.
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