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@creepinatshirt too many statement pieces imo...
I posted about this in RP, but guys, if you like classic rock at all, check out @AlexanderTG's album, it's seriously so fucking good. I'm a sucker for a good guitar solo and there are quite a few tracks which are essentially just great guitar riffs. If anyone thinks I'm heaping praises due to Styleforum nepotism or whatever, it's definitely not true and it's legitimately one of the best albums I've heard recently.
Anyone ever heard of these guys? They're all sorts of legit. Heard the lead singer's a pretty rad dude as well.
Guys, I impulse bought a SS-weight gray glen plaid andover in size M, but... It's very similar in color and cut to the gray suit I already have I don't have any pants to pair it with The fabric is a bit too formal for me to wear it casually comfortably If this strikes anyone's fancy, shoot me a PM. If not, it'll probably sit in my closet until next fall.
Last day of conference. My poor suit's wrinkled to shit, there's a stain from someone spilling beer on me last night, and any remaining fucks I have to give have flown away... basically, a pretty good conference. Random Hong Kong suit + 45rpm shirt, @penanceroyaltea style Also, the suit pants are indeed tight but it's probably better for me to lose weight instead of buying a new suit... Detail of shirt:
hahahahahahah you're a terrible human being and I love it
Picked up a medium-dark gray glen plaid Andover. Haven't worn suiting in a minute as I chose grad school over work, so I've forgotten some of the basic rules. Pants suggestions? Thanks!
Thanks that's really in depth! I'll be on market Street, wherever that is.
In philly til Sunday for a conference! Most likely won't be free much but might be down for a quick beer with whoever is in town! Also, any recs for food and beer?
It's ridiculously unfair, @ghdvfddzgzdzg could be in a white v-neck and jeans and still look like the coolest guy in town. Sweater is perfect, really like the lack of a collared shirt under it.
New Posts  All Forums: