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https://www.gr*iled.com/listings/314690-kapital-whitexwhite-patchwork-shirt One of the really nice Kapital patchwork white shirts from 2013 (I think?) for a great price. Really wanted this shirt in the past.
Goddamn Parker, that's amazing.
Adding to what nahneun said, if deposits == liabilities then all banks would just not take any deposits. Leverage? Screw that...
For anyone curious about sizing of the old patchwork shirts... new cocktaile shirt, size S cowboy shirt, size M Both from SS11. Shoulders are basically the same size, chest on the size S is pretty much a slim fit size M. I'd say the most significant difference is that the torso is significantly slimmer in the S compared to the M, though I believe the cocktaile shirt is cut slightly slimmer anyways. Also, the sleeves are a bit shorter, my size M sleeves are slightly...
Thumb farmer?
Sneaking a fit pic with my brother's birthday / Christmas present (Thanks for the sizing advice, @cyc wid it!) [[SPOILER]] Lots of blue on this last page!
Shoe / boot experts: how much stock is there in common wisdom that letting footwear "rest" and air out between wears extends their lifetime? I think I've worn my visvim boots nearly every day for the past year. Would rotating with another pair of shoes actually give more "wears" per se? Thanks.
^ @the kidcrash nice jacket, also great hat and frames
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