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not personally a fan of greg lauren, but someone might be interested -- http://page11.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/n170644701
Ah -- may have misread your post. If "older" pictures are ok I'll definitely go back and edit my post if I have time!
Took this on Friday so I guess it's not eligible. Still thread relevant I think, looking forwards to what everyone comes up with!
It's actually a mandarin tab collar shirt, might seem wider since I'm wearing it several buttons unbuttoned. Cheers! [[SPOILER]]
Haven't posted in a while, sup guys... [[SPOILER]]
Decided to pass actually. I think the jacket will look better with plainer bottoms. I see the pants for sale much more than the jacket anyways so the options open, I think.
@baltimoron hope that jacket grows on you, it's great!
Thanks, that does give a bit of peace of mind. Personally I thought the conversation (and the transaction as a whole) went a little *too* smoothly. Combined with the fact that he didn't say he was using a forwarding service til we had ironed out all the details, it struck me as fishy. Though I admit I'm very paranoid as a seller, I film myself sealing and dropping off nearly everything I sell.
@ Grailed / eBay sellers: Have you ever been asked to ship to a forwarding service? I googled a bit and the consensus seems to be that it's generally a legitimate practice, but my scam alert is ringing in my head especially with the zero grailed feedback. I'm trying to confirm if the address he provided is Paypal verified because it seems then I can just send and forget as long as I have tracking and take pictures and whatnot. Thoughts appreciated!
Fun fact of the day, the punch cards used in early programming stemmed from the weaving industry.Also I'll be living in San Francisco for the next ~4 months, pretty excited as I've actually never been here before.
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