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Thanks man, I'm glad it's finally getting warmer so I can wear my lighter jackets.
Well, I'm glad I missed that shit show, I guess. [[SPOILER]]
I didn't dislike your last one with the bone Guidis, but I think this one knocks it out of the park.I actually quite like the boots here. Perhaps it's my inner desire for symmetry but I think the brown leather, tan laces, and metal rivets (whatever they're called) in the boots is a clever way of matching the brown ribbing, tan body, and metal snaps of the bomber. It tickles my brain.
So in recent bizarre Grailed news, someone I recently sold something just randomly and without warning sent me a pair of $60 Shipley & Halmos boxers, new with tags. wat
oops, didn't mean to thumb this terrible post.
how dare they offer good service? it's killing small businesses!!
I've just started deleting my listings once I'm unwilling to drop the price more. The way Grailed is set up makes it way too easy for buyers to hold out like you said, and deleting the item sends a clear message that you're not dropping the price further. Most of the offers I've gotten that aren't stupidly lowballed have come in after delisting.
I just saw this today. Make this the object of your quest young padawan.
^ Pork, yes. Chicken, no. As far as I know, current pork processing practices kill trichinosis before the pork makes it to the market; on the other hand, there's no real getting rid of salmonella in chickens.
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