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@ Grailed / eBay sellers: Have you ever been asked to ship to a forwarding service? I googled a bit and the consensus seems to be that it's generally a legitimate practice, but my scam alert is ringing in my head especially with the zero grailed feedback. I'm trying to confirm if the address he provided is Paypal verified because it seems then I can just send and forget as long as I have tracking and take pictures and whatnot. Thoughts appreciated!
Fun fact of the day, the punch cards used in early programming stemmed from the weaving industry.Also I'll be living in San Francisco for the next ~4 months, pretty excited as I've actually never been here before.
Size down 1, I believe
Really nice prices on Leder shirts.
Got a few post-holiday days to kill in Houston before I move to SF. Haven't been here in a bit, anything new worth checking out?
Sometimes done in guidi leather too, apparently. Good stuff.
The two brands I can think of off the top of my head with this sort of relationship are Visvim and Undercover. I guess this sort of relationship is much more feasible when you run your own brand.
https://www.gr*iled.com/listings/314690-kapital-whitexwhite-patchwork-shirt One of the really nice Kapital patchwork white shirts from 2013 (I think?) for a great price. Really wanted this shirt in the past.
Goddamn Parker, that's amazing.
Adding to what nahneun said, if deposits == liabilities then all banks would just not take any deposits. Leverage? Screw that...
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