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nice bag
Uh.... uh.... I need an adult!!But really, it's sort of an unavoidable fact of nature that I have pretty wide hips. Sure, I can choose clothing that mitigates it, but STANDING in a certain way for a photo strikes me as pointless. It is what it is.Thanks Breezy
missed my bus, so I'm here taking fit pics for the internet the shirt under the vest rode up a bit, it's really about an inch or two longer... but that's what they all say anyways, I guess.
[[SPOILER]] I'll probably be sick of the snow within 2 weeks, but I'm not passing up this opportunity to frolic!edit: pants ripped today, guess that's the downside to having pants that are older than you are :|
http://stylezeitgeist.com/forums/showpost.php?p=434926&postcount=2 damn.
I'm already wearing 3 layers underneath though! Any more and I'd go full Michelin man... sipang yeah they're the Converse x n(n) odessas. the jacket's a medium, during the fall (or back in Texas) it fits exactly how i want it with just a shirt underneath... it's a bit snug with undershirt + shirt + sweatshirt right now but not uncomfortably tight. I've never needed to layer out of necessity in my life, thus the majority of my outerwear is fairly fitted
Now that I look at it, darker socks probably would have looked heaps better. [[SPOILER]]
happy sunday everyone.
Picked this up for cheap, and just got delivered today. I'm pretty happy with it, though it's just a little on the small side (and was a tiny bit shorter than I expected) which I don't think will be a problem. [[SPOILER]]
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