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I'm already wearing 3 layers underneath though! Any more and I'd go full Michelin man... sipang yeah they're the Converse x n(n) odessas. the jacket's a medium, during the fall (or back in Texas) it fits exactly how i want it with just a shirt underneath... it's a bit snug with undershirt + shirt + sweatshirt right now but not uncomfortably tight. I've never needed to layer out of necessity in my life, thus the majority of my outerwear is fairly fitted
Now that I look at it, darker socks probably would have looked heaps better. [[SPOILER]]
happy sunday everyone.
Picked this up for cheap, and just got delivered today. I'm pretty happy with it, though it's just a little on the small side (and was a tiny bit shorter than I expected) which I don't think will be a problem. [[SPOILER]]
[[SPOILER]] you look a lot less likely to stab me in person haha. Also, is it just me or could the jacket be maybe an inch longer?
People keep telling me about how beautiful New England autumns are but the only word that comes to mind is 'moribund,' especially now that the sun is leaving us... the weather is fantastic however. Soloist jacket Saks hoodie Patrik Ervell shirt Samurai Visvim
because rational thinking is frequently impeded when one's dick is hard.
Oh man I thought noob was the only other active member from TX. haha.
^ looks like the pajama jacket, they've released a few iterations of it if i recall correctly.
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