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Temperature dipped below 70 today a nice respite from the heat as I don't have air conditioning Sorry for the bad pic, photographing dark clothing is such a pain. For what it's worth, jacket is dark blue, inner layer is black, pants are brown, shoes are blue. soloist CPO soloist retro flight jacket visvim zermatt pants yuketen ripple sole I've been playing around with using the flight jacket as an inner layer lately as it's so form-fitting, much more so than a...
@KingJulien that's incredible. I feel your post needs a bit more backstory, it's way too interesting to leave it at that!
^ How is that any worse than 30 year old marketing account manager or Silicon Valley engineer or Ivy League grad student wearing CCP? Maybe he just likes it and budgeted several grand for a cool clothing purchase like... everyone else on this forum...
My camera saves both RAW and JPEG into the memory card. I like Fujifilm's film simulations so lately I've been sticking with just editing the JPEGs. I'll have to take a look at the RAWs to see if the problem's reduced, I've honestly been too lazy to do that
^ that's actually incredibly cool. I can't find much information on the brand, can you enlighten us?
Cool, I'll have to check out GIMP. Thanks!
Thanks for the tips. I don't think it's smudging because I've cleaned my lens multiple times to try to get rid of this. KOY, your suggestion regarding white balance is good, the problem is just when my subject has dark areas as well that get underexposed. I did some searching and it seems a solution is to manually correct by taking multiple exposures and using masks, which honestly just sounds like a huge hassle. Honestly I was hoping for a hardware solution, because I...
Hi photo experts, a question from a complete newb.I've had a lot of trouble recently with whites bleeding in pictures that are more predominantly dark. What's the best way to fix this? I use a Fujifilm X30. Thanks! [[SPOILER]]
@hoodog I think @poilu's pants are number (n)ine.Somewhat blurry pictures, unfortunately. Lack of natural light combined with black clothing isn't a good mix. The compression on imgur appears to fare slightly better.TAKAHIROMIYASHITA TheSoloIst.Patrik ErvellVisvim [[SPOILER]]
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