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Number (N)ine x Magical Design (2005) [[SPOILER]] Also bought a t-shirt: [[SPOILER]] And a book: [[SPOILER]]
I'm not sure if people remember, but a few years back I posted in the Contentedness thread about a particular ring that ended up being a watershed for my interest in style:Why do I mention this?Because after almost a decade it's MINE NOW [[SPOILER]] Also bought a t-shirt: [[SPOILER]] And a book: [[SPOILER]]
It's both a form of engagement (in that it's a facet of overall engagement) as well as an indicator of overall engagement (thumbs themselves are not perfectly representative of overall engagement behavior, but are easily quantified). I'd argue that you'd have to see if overall rate of thread views / posts / replies decreased as a result of thumb comments being introduced. Sure, adding an extra step in the thumbs process reduced the overall rate of thumbs engagement, but...
I'd argue that in this case, it is the engagement metric itself that is becoming a less accurate gauge of engagement. Seeing a downward trend in the indicator of A and instantly assuming that levels of A are falling is jumping the gun, especially when the the indicator itself has fundamentally changed. I don't think anyone's less engaged (in SF's content, at least) because of thumb comments, it's just that thumbs are now biased downwards as a behavioral measure of...
@in stitches Thanks man! I really appreciate it, it means a lot @ericleavitt Yep, those are the ones! http://www.yuketen.com/plain-toe-with-ripple-sole-1/ Accidental discovery of the day: the yuketen site is hosted on squarespace. I'm always disoriented when I accidentally hit escape for whatever reason and am redirected to a login page. Web devs probably know more than me about this but I've always thought it was pretty unprofessional... surely there's a way to disable...
junya watanabe stephan schneider patrik ervell yuketen the turtleneck is a bit tight, but fits perfectly when worn a la Regis edit: @Bam!ChairDance Sweater's not tucked actually, it rode up at some point... it's a pretty short sweater.
^ I wore them sockless because socks actually exacerbated the slipping. Maybe I need ninja socks or whatever so there's still a bit of skin for traction (which surprisingly isn't uncomfortable or blister-inducing). I tightened the laces and that helped a bit
People with the ripple sole "oxford" (I think @agvs has a pair?), do you have issues with your foot slipping out of the shoe? The insole is so high that my heel almost pops out of the shoe when I walk around. I don't think the shoe's too big either, the rest fits perfectly. Also, recent purchase pic I guess:
they make bruit
Seems like something Undercover would do. Unfortunately, they make noise, not clothes.
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