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^ Agreed. Liking this a lot more than recent seasons. I'm glad the "cute" little details have been toned down.
^ Love that. The Geller tank adds texture in such a nice way.
^ not a fan of the purple TPU, and I personally think the non-suede versions look a lot nicer. Phingerin linen patchwork coat. Haven't heard much about the brand. Kop?
Damn, architects are the bomb that's some final boss level shit right there
Some dudes over on Reddit are drawing people's fits. Pretty cool stuff, really happy with how this one came out!
@nevergreen unfortunately not, the pic didn't come out well. It's pretty much the same as this shirt, but with stripes instead of plaid.
Really, really digging this. That bottle green is fantastic. Vibe reminds me of PinkPantser a lot.Honestly not feeling this 100%. The gats strike me as too round and flat, if that makes any sense. Also wish the pants were a little baggier and maybe a lighter material.Think this is really cool as is. Aren't those pants drop crotch? They look surprisingly normal here silhouette wise.For the sake of contribution... [[SPOILER]] I've had the shoes for a while now but don't...
http://f21threadscreen.com/ Pretty cool concept, but how long until people start spamming porn and Hitler pics?
/listings/138767-engineered-garments-eg-shawl-collar-cardigan EG Shawl collar in size M for $172 shipped how is this still here?? http://page21.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/j345129848 ^ reminds me of @nevergreen
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