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Ha, I AM in New England...
soloist hat & vest junya jacket number (n)ine pants visvim boots
^ I might make a post when the next season is released, but I don't really want to be misconstrued as a brand representative or anything, haha. Glad people are enjoying the pics!
Well, the designer studied in Australia as well... who knows hahaThe angles of the bomber really are nice, I like how the neck ribbing continues seamlessly at the same angle into the wind flap. I actually got more of a Devoa / Peir Wu vibe myself.
While visiting family back home over the holidays, I got the chance to check out the studio of Taiwanese brand 'Recluse.' Previously I had 'met' the designer, Ron Chen, on Instagram since we were both big Soloist fans, and we ended up chatting because we were both Taiwanese. He invited me to see his studio and to take some pictures, and it was honestly super cool. I thought people here might be interested. One thing that really excited me is that compared to other...
There's a SF discord?
Damn, so expensive though
Anyone know how to use the Rakuten codes through a proxy? e.g. Zenmarket. Thanks!
Thanks! I think any pants work really, as long as they look fairly beaten. I prefer wider pants but I've worn them with fairly slim jeans and thought it looked fine.
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