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I've gotten this feel from Vetements for a while now. Secrecy for the purpose of exclusivity vs. Bless' "secrecy" due to them just quietly doing their own thing.
http://page17.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/v433793404 Vintage MA-1 with leather sleeves, will likely go for insanely cheap. Statue of liberty print for dat Amerikaji streetstyle.
^ what season? My elk FBTs from 2008 ran a full size down. A 9.5 fit me fine, I'm usually 10.5
Two from this week. Things are starting to get repetitive... junya / EG / soloist / yuketen soloist x2 / 45rpm / ervell / visvim
Damn, that's on me for trusting my phone.
@lesamourai I'm not well versed in baller boot design but is that a reversed zipper? So you zip it downwards to secure it instead of upwards? Interesting...
I'm Taiwanese so I relish in such barbarism
Holy shit, this has so much potential for hilarity. Imagine people paying to borrow the identity of others to search for censored terms, buy undesirable things, etc. I'm also assuming rates of identity theft will skyrocket, so politicians, etc. can buy porn without it negatively reflecting on them.
@Austo that's great. I'm not understanding the cuffs -- where is the blue part coming from? Is that the interior of the sleeve fabric? If so, what is the linen-looking print fabric?
@the shah Honestly this was more of a fun little exercise than anything, I'm just a nerd and like thinking about shit like this And honestly to me this is less about analyzing clothes and more about analyzing forum behavior, and as a psychologist that's interesting! I thought about this a bit more and yes Poisson regression likely makes more sense than linear, but floor effects didn't seem to be that significant from eyeballing the data and fuggit I didn't want to open R...
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