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I'm a 38 chest and the 2 fits me well but I can't really layer under it. I think the mies looks good slouchy anyways so I'd go for a 3.
On this topic, since there seem to be quite a few experts here: I've lot to hear thoughts on all the factors stopping developers in the US from building upwards, like most of population-dense Asia has done. Not necessarily even skyscrapers -- I'm talking ~20F apartments that are everywhere in Asia. I know next to nothing on this topic, but some guesses: Blocking from current landowners, as more options would reduce the value of their property Aversion to skylines --...
^ doesn't stop them from messaging you "$15 shipped to Alaska paypal ready this is my final offer" though it doesn't bother me that much, if anyone tries to pull a lowball I just tell them to fuck off, cuts to the chase. @CityHunter some dude tried to trade his cotton Soloist CPO for my wool one, kicker is he asked me for more money on top as well. "Hey man lemme trade you my iPhone 4 for your iPhone 6 plus $100, my asking price is double yours so it's clearly a good deal...
That escalated quickly... (My response basically said that I thought $330 was a fair price, but I didn't want to deal with international shipping to someone with no feedback if he wasn't paying for USPS Priority)
Those are mine. Your feet are slightly larger than mine (10.5D). I honestly have a bit of room in these (fits snug with thick woolen socks) so if you live in a warmer place I think they should be fine? I can try to measure the insole for you when I get home.EDIT: Insoles actually aren't removable on these. But I will say that while I have a bit of room in the front, the sides are quite snug for me already so I"m not sure if I'd recommend these for a 10.5EE.As for whether...
Big flaw of a lot of graduate programs that aren't specifically statistics focused IMO -- they teach you how to operate the tools and how to conduct the analyses, but not how to pick what analysis is proper (or even sensible / applicable). A research project I'm on recently struggled with calculating correlations in count data, that went about as well as you'd expect.
Missed your fits Toasty. Looks fantastic!
Credit card companies love him!
What's your basis of comparison? I actually think the leather on my Yuketens is much better.
Size 46. Someone please buy this. http://page18.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/w125042501
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