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what was the crowd like?
I thought ghostface's camera was just creating artifacts on the closeup of the jacket. That texture is absurdly cool. Really dig both of solargarden's as well, especially the proportions on the second one.
I'd appreciate a fit pic! Has the length increased as well? I hate the fact that every Ervell knit I've tried has been about two inches too short.
^ I think relatively weak might be an understatement given a nearly 50% increase in purchasing power of dollar vs. yen what color 73 folk? I'm glad virgils aren't the go-to visvim boot anymore hahah
godDAMN this is cool.
soloist x eg junya converse x N(N)
I'm gonna be stuck in Boston for 3 hours on a Thursday morning. Suggestions for things to do?
This might belong here. Y'all dissuaded me from buying this for like $75 about two years ago, and I still regret it every time I see it on sale for triple that!!!!
I have your username bookmarked so I can act instantly whenever you put more pants up for sale
New Posts  All Forums: