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Really overcast today, wish I could have gotten a better picture. EG - Ervell - Schneider - Visvim
Patrik Ervell jeans through the years... [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]]
With the cooler weather, I've come out of my reverse hibernation. Soloist hat, jacket, shirt, vest, boots. Ervell jeans.
http://page23.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/o157346272 If people still think these are cool. I think there's a decent chance they'll go bidless.
Also recommend Tainan. Very different feel from Taipei, and less tourists. Food is great (if a little sweet). Also Hualien if you like riding bikes!
Posted in the Visvim thread, but I don't think they're out of place here. After cleaning and conditioning... I'm pretty surprised they still look this good after 2.5 years of heavy wear (and 2 snowy winters).
2 years down the line. Love the uneven discoloration in the leather.
Shoot, really great fits this past week (@magicalporks what shoes?). Wish we'd get cooler weather here already...
FW11, still the best season in my eyes.
If anyone who's a slim 38 is interested in the static pattern suit I have, I'm thinking about letting it go. I don't get much chances to wear it, and when I do need a suit this one tends to be too casual. It's also just tight enough to be annoyingly uncomfortable.
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