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Rais, you should do the same cheesy cyberpunk special effects Silent Whisper does for its promotional materials for your pictures -- kitschy in just the right way [[SPOILER]]
While I'm aware that Ervell fans like Ervell for more than aesthetics alone, MUJI has a pretty nice looking clear raincoat here: http://www.muji.us/store/accessories/rain/welder-raincoat-freecut-clear.html
Finns are on average 9 feet tall, didn't you know?
Depends if you're comfortable with used, in which case there will be a much larger price difference. Regardless, if you go on the webstore and compare costs for different regions, there's still a very large difference. Proxy fees + shipping from a site like From Japan will probably run you something in the ballpark of $50. This season's FBT shamans are 40k yen for Japan vs. $585 for USA, according to visvim.tv. 40k yen is $390... I'd say the inconvenience of working around...
@Benesyed What're you looking for in particular? Food? Shopping? Things to do?
What's the best way to track down an international EMS package? I have something that was marked delivered by EMS several weeks ago via Fromjapan, but the tracking number expired or something. Fromjapan is also being uncooperative (or at least, uncommunicative). Luckily it was a smaller purchase so I wouldn't be heartbroken if the package really did disappear into the ether, but I'd still like some peace of mind. Thanks all.
Hey all, I'm currently in a social sciences graduate program that has a relatively strong emphasis on statistical techniques (especially hypothesis testing, less on the bayesian / ml side). But I've developed the feeling that academia really isn't for me. I was wondering if anyone else has had the experience of switching from academia to an analytics job. Additionally, I'm competent in R and Python but have absolutely no experience with anything SQL @amathew i twould be...
Long time no see... a few months back I had to drop $3~$4k in one month on various purchases (vacation tickets for summer, spring break, new apartment deposit etc. etc.) so I took a break off clothes related stuff for the sake of my bank account. Here's to celebrating another year of school down and financial solvency (^_^)v
New Posts  All Forums: