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^yep. been looking for the chalk stripe version for myself.
Hoth rebel or Tony Montana...... take your pick. [[SPOILER]] Also Dlester's boots are INSANE
sanjuro bomber incoming FW15 lol.
^ that looks like a 84-74 lab piece finished in leather. so sick.
That's what I thought but the tag isn't the FWK tag and the button configuration is male, so I thought it might just have been an older model or something. Pretty confused.
For any of you size XS people (attn: @mike868y lol) I just received a navy corduroy Bedford from Y!JP that was marked medium but is more like XS (size 1). Shoulders are like 15", chest 17". I paid like $150 total and that's what I'm offering on Grailed but if any SF people want it for like $100 I'd probably do that since it's completely unwearable for me as is.
The designer of Collateral Concepts is in surgery at Memorial. You can fit battle in the halls of TMC
It's from the soloist. Thanks!
sorry for the garbage picture quality..
http://page15.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/t401185260 eg brown cord bedford size m for less than $60 bin lolz
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