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PSA!! Friendly reminder to PLEASE not quote shitposts for the sake of those who use the ignore function! The ignore function operates on the same mechanism as a vaccine! Herd immunity is only granted when quoting is kept to a minimum, reducing the amount of eyes that are exposed to the shitpost! Once a sufficient proportion of users utilize the ignore function, our community will experience a drastically reduced rate of derailment outbreaks! Stop quoting...
I've constantly answered this question with what I feel is the most foolproof method: buy the items off each other using Paypal. 4% for both participants is a small price to pay for safety.
@LA Guy Hmm, do you know if it's width itself or total lens size that causes distortion? My current everyday frames are 53-19, making them wide but with a relatively smaller surface area compared to my Shurons, which are actually more narrow horizontally, but are much wider vertically. I've had roughly the same prescription for about six to eight years, so I guess it's possible I just got used to the distortion.
@baltimoron I tried both the Ronsir and the Revolutions. I don't think they have AR coating because daytime glare is an absolute bitch, but still manages to be less of a problem than the distortion. (Would AR coating help here at all though?) I started with -11 / -11 but the distortion was too great, so based on my optometrist's recommendation dropped to -10.25/-10.25... and now things are both distorted and blurry. @ghdvfddzgzdzg I had never actually considered focal...
^ On the topic of eyeglasses, does anyone here have advice on lenses for people with very high prescriptions (worse than -10)? I bought a pair of frames I really liked last year (Shuron) but the distortion around the edges due to the larger lens size makes them unwearable for driving and disorienting for daily activities... really a bummer. Is my only option glasses with smaller lenses like the pairs notwithit posted?
Not even close to every day, but my limited edition Samurai Black Knights with silver selvedge and arctuates are developing some mighty fine honeycombing behind the knees... but really I've had them for over half a decade now, still think they're the best denim I've owned in terms of construction and detail (but not fit, notably). No idea on washes or anything though.
I saw (what I think are) the Ghurka pants at Drinkwater's this weekend... they're damn nice
Thanks, much appreciated! I give all credit to @ghostface.I like the slim joggers enough to not want to give up on them though. the silhouette is really quite unique, I've just figured out that layering up top creates too much visual bulk when combined with the taper. I'd wear these the whole summer if they weren't so warm.
I've pretty much posted this exact same fit before but it's different this time because it's the FULL SUIT (Thanks @agvs for the pants) (technically not from the same set but it's the same fabric and I think that's as close as I'm ever going to get)
Unabashed tourist (-core)After getting the chance to play with a nice macro lens today I'm kind of regretting getting the fuji x30 instead of the x100 [[SPOILER]]
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