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Think it's partially the thickness of the leather, I think this can look really cool in a year when is beaten up a bit.
I wore my Junya patchwork jeans to fly once... the TSA agent searched each and every pocket hahaha
The Oxfords and brogues they have for 250 seem nice as well. My dress shoes are pretty much at the end of their life, and as far as I know rider is pretty good no? Also really dig the shape. Would appreciate the opinion of anyone with experience!
Nice, I prefer that to both the mies and the other (n hoolywood?) one.
paging @Lorcan7... again. Two number (n)ine hats from FW07 in either beaver or rabbit, can't remember, for about $130 shipped, BIN http://page7.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/g146862934 http://page13.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/r128198458 @ anyone else looking for wool hats, these are honestly very well priced. Usually don't see these for less than $250
Well it didn't taste bad, it just tasted like... Nothing. My dad told me that the lighter (or more watery if you will) taste is preferred by Asians who are more used to tea.
Anyone have experience with kopi luwak? I tried some here in Taiwan and it just tastes like instant coffee. On the one hand I'm almost positive it's adulterated in some way, but on the other it was a gift for my dad for his academic work, and I'm assuming most people recognize it's not particularly classy to gift fake shit.
Don't understand why it's impossible to find anything larger than s on yjp, EXCEPT for hats where it's impossible to find anything smaller than l...
I saw some people discussing Taiwanese teas. Anyone want a proxy? Message me! (no fees besides shipping)
A bit of an impulse purchase I almost pulled the trigger when Bodega had this on sale several months ago for like $80 but it sold out quick, and surprisingly one of the bigger stockists in Taiwan had it for cheap, no 200% markup like most other Japanese brands. Will most likely just wear to exercise or lounge around but I'm a big fan of CE designs.
New Posts  All Forums: