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Hey all, I'm currently in a social sciences graduate program that has a relatively strong emphasis on statistical techniques (especially hypothesis testing, less on the bayesian / ml side). But I've developed the feeling that academia really isn't for me. I was wondering if anyone else has had the experience of switching from academia to an analytics job. Additionally, I'm competent in R and Python but have absolutely no experience with anything SQL @amathew i twould be...
Long time no see... a few months back I had to drop $3~$4k in one month on various purchases (vacation tickets for summer, spring break, new apartment deposit etc. etc.) so I took a break off clothes related stuff for the sake of my bank account. Here's to celebrating another year of school down and financial solvency (^_^)v
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Breezy: Thanks for the suggestions, I'll keep them in mind. The material is what appears to be wool jersey knit, so yeah they're essentially wool sweatpants. Stitches: Yes they ALMOST feel like long johns, the difference being that instead of being uniformly small and then conforming to the leg these are just super slim and stretch slightly unflatteringly at the calves while being tolerably loose elsewhere. So they're like sweatpants that taper into leggings under the knee.
Fit check please... I'm really hoping that these pants can work but the calves and leg openings are just too damn slim. Doable or no go? I'd hate to let them go, they're probably the coolest pants I've owned in terms of construction.
16 total, for anyone curious.
Since January or so... [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]]
I keep my pimp wrist limp [[SPOILER]]
This isn't directly fashion-related, but for anyone who's a fan of startups, Kimono Labs has made a very intuitive, very user-friendly way to generate APIs. As a sort of demonstration I've used their site to make a tracker for Sufu and SF's marketplaces, listed by date posted. I'm trying to add Yahoo! JP and Rakuten, but I'm having trouble getting it to parse Japanese. Hope you guys find this interesting! http://www.kimonolabs.com/kimonoapp/forummart
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