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Wrote a review of my Soloist parachute pants if anyone is interested. [[SPOILER]]
[[SPOILER]] Soloist hat, shirt, pants, shoes
^ At first blush it instantly reminds me of Deepti's silver one. Would appreciate the take of someone more knowledgeable of both brands. I think I like this one better -- enjoy the sportier details and the zipper placket.
Huge thanks to @magicalporks for the proxy help! [[SPOILER]]
For the record, I'm apparently not subscribed to the newsletter, so that's on me. Looking forwards to seeing this project grow though, for sure!
idk, I'd rather see info about projects members I know have put time and effort into, than things like a picture of Ben Franklin's walking stick. I find the first interesting; the second, inane.
Great work! Bummed I missed out. I'm much busier these days with a lot less time to bum around on the forum (I say, as I bum around on the forum at work). I know this isn't an official thing, but it would be great if the Styleforum instagram plugged this, to both reach a larger audience and so others in my shoes wouldn't have missed out!
Weather's getting real nice...soloist hat, vest, shirt, bootsn(n) cardiganjunya trousers [[SPOILER]]
Good, if you see anyone jacking me or my boy Seinfeld's style, lemme know.Some kind soul put this up on Y!JP with a very appealing BIN... I think I bought it within minutes of it going up. Got super lucky there
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