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If anyone who's a slim 38 is interested in the static pattern suit I have, I'm thinking about letting it go. I don't get much chances to wear it, and when I do need a suit this one tends to be too casual. It's also just tight enough to be annoyingly uncomfortable.
Looks like a subtler cavempt...
@onitaps which silk one are you referring to? I don't have any silk cowboy shirts... as far as I know. If you're referring to the blue striped one, I'll say that while both are S/S pieces the striped cowboy shirt is thinner and more comfortable. Also less scratchy, so it can be worn without an inner layer. The polka dot is definitely more like a shirt jacket than most of the other shirts. If the vest does come up in large in black, it's all yours... if it's the brown one...
Was a medium, took a gamble since I found a truly good price. It's definitely tight but doable with just one layer under... though I definitely wouldn't mind a large.Shirt also popped up for a very solid price at the same time! Super lucky
I find it kinda funny that the label includes the weekends when it's called 'weekday'.
soloist ss11, fw13 finally got the asymmetric version schneider for the lady can't wait for fall
Echoing others about the last one. Reminds me of 李白.
Sorry if this has been discussed before, but can someone explain the apparently horizontally stacked heel on the m_morias? I'm far from knowledgeable about boots, but that strikes me as quite odd. What's keeping the pieces held together?
Damn!!! Love this!
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