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Damn, you've been holding back on us! As of now none of this is really my sort of thing but everything looks fantastic. Looking forwards to what you come up with next! No Snowman XL size??
Nope -- those are chukkas. Desert boots are a variant of chukkas that are defined by their crepe sole.
http://www.endclothing.com/sale/junya-watanabe-man-x-hervier-leather-shoulder-officers-jacket-w0-j402-051.html END has this Junya x Hervier jacket for essentially half off ($879 -> $445). Great jacket, feels really, really substantial.
Thanks guys. I think my main complaint (and it's definitely minor) is that there is a button opening at the hem of the pants, which causes the pants to flare out just a little bit, making the hems seem wider than they are and giving a very subtle bell-bottom effect. I've tried ironing them, but the corner of the hem always pops up and it's driving me nuts. They look great from the side, though I agree, I wore them with derbies and it looked off. I think they look pretty...
good bye, disgusting old rug, you will not be missed thoughts on the proportions? As many of you know I love cuffing / cropped trousers, but sometimes I don't think I'm tall or thin enough to pull it off. soloist bbbf visvim x2
Worse search/listing mechanisms = less efficient process of matching buyers to sellers = larger deviations between list price and market price = more "deals" to be had = more sales. That's what I think, anyways.
Revival. Will buying this make me a fuccboi?
NN needs street fighter photoshop stat
Been around for a while, just low key. Was invite only for its early years (also under a different name I think). If I recall correctly some were saying he was (mis?)using his buyer account to undercut others but I honestly can't remember. Nice guy though, I think he was getting repeatedly banned for not paying sufu advertising fees because he was technically a store but was trying to sell as an individual. I think he added me on LinkedIn lol.
For me it's moreso the suede parts. They add matte to what would otherwise have a pretty uniform sheen. FWIW I like the tuck.
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