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A bit late but I think blazers with padded shoulders on skinnier people looks absolutely amazing.
thanks for the detailed criticism! I love the phrase "baroque mess" -- it's so evocative of Miyashita's designs. And yes, the curved neckline and quarters of the cardigan are definitely a challenge to work with.Some form of undershirt under the cardigan is necessary, and it's getting chilly, so a jacket on top is also necessary, leaving 'different shirt' and/or 'different jacket' as two options. Of these I'm more inclined to change the jacket, as the only reason I often...
^ suede or not? From what I've seen the suede versions are a lot more common on the secondhand market.
I've always associated wabi-sabi with Japanese poetry and zen as a motif, along with mono no aware. The first time I encountered it in a fashion context was in the world of the denimbros and then the transformation into fashion buzzword was inevitable.
^ mine just came in today as well 2011 navy/navy... my dream color.
As far as I know, .5 down. It's what I did... I actually have a pair coming in the mail right now, I'll let you know how it fits!
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