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http://www.ebay.com/itm/RARE-PATRIK-ERVELL-NEW-YORK-LARGE-CLUB-COLLAR-SAILING-PRINT-SPORT-SHIRT-/391326243993?hash=item5b1cdc9c99:g:3t0AAOSwHQ9WUVQW Pretty sure lots of people were after this shirt... great condition, nice price, size L. If I had the extra cash I'd scoop this up...
FW12, actually. I actually got the pants in a size up (not intentionally but because they were the only option available) and had them taken in in the waist and seat. I'd say overall it's slim straight like most other Ervell, definitely nowhere close to skin tight.
Well I have dress shoes and two pairs of gym shoes, but other than that nope... these boots are perfection, don't see the need for anything else at the moment.
Chicago MOCA
So I ran into an article about research from my undergrad advisor... on Complex, of all places.
^ pre-2005
Gonna be in Chicago til Tuesday. Anyone around / recs for things to do? I'm pretty free tomorrow evening and Friday until early afternoon, my to-do list includes deep dish pizza, touristy photos, and probably some of the local shops.
For what it's worth, the FW14 version fits true to size. Don't size up.
I don't think there's any ill will in your posts, no. I do think they are extremely disconnected from reality. IMO people are WTFing your posts not because they're hostile but because they're simply bizarre.
wtf happened here...? @StanleyVanBuren is Miran usually this coherent, or has he been studying for the TOEFL? I require your expert assessment. In the off chance this guy is serious, dude, you're overthinking this by several hundred orders of magnitude. A buddy told me I looked like a time-traveling train conductor, and there are train tracks near my jogging route that I figured would make an interesting picture. That's it. In that sense the picture was meant to be a bit...
New Posts  All Forums: