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Shipping is a bit high but 25% VAT offsets it: First impulse buy for me in months.
Could we get measurements, please?
Anyone know if all the MIJ jeans are raw? Without them being selvege is there a distinctive mark (ie something on the tag?) to indicate they're raw without handling them?
Measurements, please?
Got my shipping info today, should be here by tomorrow via Fedex overnight. Not bad but considering mrporter had me my merchandise today despite being a later order, charging half for shipping and being across the border the communication could have been better.
I like Billy Reid as well however I have found their sizing and cuts to be all over the place. Also as a heads up to fellow Canadians, they switched from Fedex to DHL for Canadian shipping which means no more free shipping, a giant pain in the ass to get to a distribution center and ridiculous brokerage fees. I think a $125 package had a $30-40 brokerage plus duties. On some of their product pages on their webstore they're blatantly listing the wrong "made in" country, I...
gravity pope made some drops:
Don't know about they're site but some of their stuff is at a modest discount at rodengray right now.
Can't decide if I like the button stance or not.
I'm 6'4 215-220ish normally, 192ish now. I bought the baseball jacket stock in the biggest size available I can't remember if it was 52 or 54 and it fit fine, the sleeves were longer than necessary which I really like on that jacket. I just purchased a peacoat and I think the sleeves will be 1-2" long but I'll take the extra length and deal with it once it comes if necessary. With the measurements available it's easy enough to get close.
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