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I prevent stains from developing by spraying Oxiclean (sodium percarbonate) on the neck and armpits of my shirts before washing them. Works very well.
Quote: Originally Posted by NoStyle14 Honestly, the turn around times are unnacceptable. Not sure how you guys deal with it. Experiences with Jantzen are so variable. I've ordered several times over the last few years, and have almost always had good service and a fast turnaround, and there have been no screw-ups with the shirts themselves. I agree, though, that if you want reliability and can afford to pay more, you can do a lot better online...
Placed my order in early August and received the shirts in three weeks. I think I finally have my measurements dialed in and am extremely pleased with the fit of the latest batch (although the fabrics were, as always, surprises). Putting darts in the back made a huge difference for me; I'm now a firm believer that darts can fix fit problems in a way that taking in the side seams can't.
Quote: Originally Posted by teddieriley That looks like a chick hand in the photo. Otherwise, you must use some damn good moisturizer and avoid manual labor at all costs. I believe the manual labor that made these sheets what they are today involved plenty of moisturizer.
Quote: Originally Posted by AlbertCamus The Mossimo tees from target that keep getting mentioned, are they these or something else? Don't really look athletic cut in pics but maybe my expectations are too high. Those should be the ones, although I agree that the cut looks terrible in the pics. Target seems to be constantly changing their cuts, and the tee is now 100% cotton instead of a poly-cotton blend, so who knows what's going on. It's...
T-shirt fits well, but its pattern and pocket are ugly, and the jeans are bad.
Quote: Originally Posted by zissou it's far too easy to fall into the trap of buying tons of shit because it's on sale. +1 I recommend ignoring altogether how much you are "saving" over retail when buying clothes. You are not a sucker if you pay full retail for an item that merits its retail price (whether $15 or $1500), nor are you a master thrifter if you pay 1% of retail for an item that does not merit 1% of retail. When you go grocery...
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The Stanford Theatre is delightful.
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