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Anyone have the new St. James yet? It'd be nice to see photos from different angles to compare it to the St. James II.
Price includes Priority Mail shipping. These have already been hot-soaked, so the measurements below take the guesswork out of sizing. I've worn them only a couple of times. No meaningful fading at this stage. Waist: 16" across Inseam: 32" (hemmed) Leg opening: 7.75" across Front rise: 9.6" Rear rise: 13.6" EDIT: Just noticed that the photo of the back shows a couple of darker spots near the bottom of the leg. This is because I just sponged off some dirt there (i.e.,...
Jack's work was excellent.
Took a suit today to Jack's in Porter Square. He was very kind, seemed honest, and immediately understood how I wanted the suit modified. He also didn't show any snobbishness about the fact that it's a cheap suit, which I appreciate. I'll report back when I pick up the suit in a week. I expect the work to be very good, but we'll see.
Thanks, somehow I had missed the Cottonwork thread! I didn't realize there were other comparably priced online-MTM options now. Will probably give them a try, although I've had pretty good experiences with Jantzen overall.
Quote: Originally Posted by apropos Eh, let's look at the facts. Cons - - fabrics are terrifically crappy - high shine that fads quickly, fake spray on silicone finish to mimic the shine you get with better quality cottons, oxford weaves are craptastic, all fabrics shrink, and shrink is variable so even with the exact same measurements you end up with shirts that are sized slightly differently after 5 washes If you think they are 'good', stop yourself...
Eh, people define "love handles" differently. I have good ab definition -- somewhere between a 4- and a 6-pack -- yet I still have small fat deposits on my sides/lower back that I would call love handles (albeit minimal ones).
Yup, that's the disadvantage of non-carpeted floors. Hardwood is more attractive, and cleaner in the sense that you don't have all those allergens hiding in the shag, but the price you pay is having to wear slippers or sandals (or shoes) all the time, or to clean obsessively, if you don't want your feet filthy.
Quote: Originally Posted by a tailor wearing twice is a mistake, thats grinding todays dirt into yesterdays dirt. +1 In my experience any decently made cotton shirt is much more likely to become unwearable because of stains than because of "falling apart" in the wash.
Quote: Originally Posted by Douglas I am not going to state my steak heirarchy, but you all should rest assured that it is definitively the most correct heirarchy, and the rest of you are idiots and philistines, and should probably stick to Texas Roadhouse. I have odd taste in steak. I enjoy the flavor of good top round or top sirloin over that of ribeye or other fatty cuts. Filet is fine but not worth the price for me.
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