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Part of the Nigel Cabourn Authentic collection, this updated version of the classic single breasted blazer has a distinctly American feel in the styling and choice of fabrics. Made from Turner Canvas Cloth, this classically styled jacket is features key elements normally found in US workwear and hunting jackets. Expertly constructed to Cabourn's exacting standards, this is a addition to the collection for AW11. Turner Canvas Cloth Cotton Construction Checked Cotton Neck...
You definitely have some great items! Disappointed that you don't have an online shop.
Looking to purchase a Nigel Cabourn 1940's DB jacket, preferably in Army color and size 50. Let me know what you have. Thanks in advance!
I don't think that I would bother with a proxy just to ship to Canada. As I said, this my fourth shipment from Epaulet and the only one to get charged duty. Even in this case, I believe that Canada Customs made an error in charging duty. Since the trousers are made in the US, they should qualify as exempt under NAFTA. I may dispute the charge and see if I can get a partial refund. Canada Customs has taken me for a fair amount of cash in the past several months.To apply for...
This is the my first time having a shipment from Epaulet hit by duty. Of my 3 previous orders, 1 was delivered without any charges whatsoever, and 2 only had HST charged. The Cramerton Walts had duty of $15 added to the $18 HST and customs handling fee. A fairly negligible amount, but it adds up over time.
Here is a question for other Epaulet fans from Canada. Have any of you ever been charged duty on your purchases? My order was delivered today and in addition to the usual taxes (HST), they wanted to collect for duty as well. I assume that since the Cramerton Walts are manufactured in the US, there should be a reduced rate of duty or no duty at all. Any comments and/or experiences with this situation would be greatly appreciated
PM sent regarding the boots. Thanks.
This jumper is made from 100 % lambs wool and was inspired by the jumper worn by Tom Bourdillon who was a British Mountaineer and a member of the team, which made the first ascent of Mount Everest. When he was pictured wearing the jumper it was on inside out and back to front; his explanation for this was when your at a certain height you just don’t care which way you wear your jumper. Nigel Cabourn’s re-creation of the jumper is called 4 Way Roll Neck because, like Tom,...
My size 48 Cameraman will be delivered this week. After reading all the posts in this thread, I am pretty sure that it will be slightly on the small side for me. If this is the case, I just wanted to give a heads up that I will be either selling it or looking to trade for a larger size. Feel free to send a pm if you have any interest. Cheers.
I'm actually thinking of selling mine. Bought way too many sweaters this season. Nixda, If you decide to sell your roll neck, let me know. I am definitely interested.
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