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I have reluctantly decided to sell my beloved Nigel Cabourn Cameraman jacket. I do not wear it enough to justify keeping and it is too nice of a jacket to have sitting in the closet. It has been worn for only one season, and kept in extremely good condition. This jacket was made to last a lifetime. This is the classic 2010 Cameraman in the amazing tan/army green, size 48. Made in England, features upper waterproof Mackintosh twill and lower body made from heavy Harris...
I have decided to sell my cameraman jacket since I have not been getting much use from it. It is size 48, 2010 Mackintosh and Harris Tweed version. It is the beige/green colorway. I thought I would post it in this thread to give the other Nigel Cabourn fans first dibs before I list it in the classifieds or eBay. This is a preliminary interest check, hopefully I will have photos and price info asap. Don't hesitate to let me know if you have any questions.
Yes, lesson learned. Unfortunately, I assumed that since I was dealing with Neil, who essentially is Arn Mercantile, there wouldn't be a problem.
A quick update on this situation: Neil sent an email 2 weeks ago stating 'The second shirt was sent and I have told the office to refund your money, sorry I'm still away, will check with them tomorrow and send you the shipping info and the refund info'. The second shirt he mentions was supposedly sent mid-August and hasn't been delivered. This would be great if they had any plans to actually doing these things. I have yet to hear back from them since that email was...
I have had two prior orders shipped from them without any difficulty, and I am very happy with all of my Arn clothing. My main frustration is with the manner in which this situation is being dealt with. I have been promised numerous times that it will be looked into 'tomorrow', then having them not get back to me. I have yet to receive any shipping or tracking information for either package. I was also told I would be refunded over a week ago and am still waiting on that.
Has anybody else had trouble dealing with Neil/Arn Mercantile regarding purchases made from their web-shop? I have had great difficulty with an order I placed approx. 11 weeks ago. I have yet to receive the shirt, or a refund, despite being in contact with Neil on numerous occasions. I have been told that not only was the order shipped, but a replacement shirt was sent due to the first non-delivery. I have also been told that I would given a refund due to the mix up....
I picked up the 4 pleat linen trousers as well. I was definitely tempted to get the jacket, still might convince myself before the marrkt sale ends. Quite the bargain since they also deduct VAT for orders to Canada! Zissou, what size jacket did you order?
When ordering from Marrkt, they offer the choice of shipping via FedEx or DHL for shipping to North America. Does anyone know which is the cheaper option when comparing additional charges (brokerage, etc.)? nvrmnd I just went to checkout on the site and see that they have the option of Royal Mail for shipping. That is great! Never had any problems with that.
Still available
SOLD The High Water Chino is one of Visvim's most enduring styles. Simply and classically styled, the High Water has the kind of exceptional detailing and finish that is synonymous with Visvim. Made in Japan 100% Cotton Button Fly Aged Brass Buttons Rear Cinch with Brass Buckle Shorter 'High Water' Leg Extremely Limited Numbers Size L. Brown. Measurements are: Waist= 34", Inseam= 26", Leg opening= 8" Brand new. All tags present. Retail $475 + taxes +...
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