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Stop going 'commando' when you wear your suit.
Wouldn't adding a lining change the fit of the coat? Would there be a noticeable change in the drape? Definitely much less room in the sleeves.
The messenger bag you show for an example of what you want is only $195. What is wrong with that one?
Price drop on suits. Now $240.00 (plus shipping). BOTH SUITS NOW SOLD
Selling 2 Duffer of St. George suits. I had both shipped from the UK since it is difficult to buy proper Duffer suits in North America. Both are size 40R (slim fit). For those not familiar with this label, the suits compare favorably to Paul Smith. A modern British style. Bought BNWT. Trousers for both have been hemmed, but no material cut. The 1-button has only been tried on 3-4 times. 2-button worn once for approx. 4 hours. I love the suits, however, the jackets fit...
pm sent.
PM sent.
Hey, They are coming to T.O. in a few nights. Haven't decided if I am going to go. Isn't Hugh Cornwell (Stranglers) filling in for Mr.Weller?
Jacket received, thanks! Great condition. Nice doing business with you, will keep checking for more of your items!!
pm sent
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