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Additional photos! Unable to edit original post.
Are the trousers flat front or pleated?
Size L, Tan 3/4 length trenchcoat/mac from Paul Smith. 100% cotton outer w/5 button front, 2 flap pockets,plus 1 ticket pocket which adds a nice detail, center vent. Inside has a very soft 100% cotton lining with subtle plaid which gives it the 'Paul Smith' twist! Sleeves are lined with dark brown 100% rayon. 1 inside buttoned pocket. Fits size 40-42. Measurements will be posted soon. Probably worn less than a dozen times, shows no wear & tear. Not mint condition...
I have always worn them without socks. I don't know of any unbreakable rules concerning this, definitely not in the sandals w/o socks category!
Definitely no. I have never had the need to wear an undershirt. I have always made it a point not to buy shirts which would cause me to even make it a consideration.
The majority of my experiences of having a latte NOT served in a bowl are at places that only serve coffee as an afterthought. Places that take the time to grind their own beans, have a good selection of beans, knowledgeable staff, etc., almost always serve a latte in a bowl.
Is that a size 50 EU? Any measurements would be appreciated. Thanks
Stop going 'commando' when you wear your suit.
Wouldn't adding a lining change the fit of the coat? Would there be a noticeable change in the drape? Definitely much less room in the sleeves.
The messenger bag you show for an example of what you want is only $195. What is wrong with that one?
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