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I have a 2011 TOJ Fishtail Parka, Navy, size M, which I am thinking of selling. I am interested in a local sale in Toronto. Shipping will be quite expensive and time consuming, so 'local only' for the time being. I have worn the parka for approx. 2 months, it is in excellent condition with no issues whatsoever. Please refer to the many posts, questions + answers already available regarding fit, construction, materials, etc. I am only interested in a hassle-free...
Is there a commitment from the seller to not cancel the auctions next time around? It is quite a nuisance to follow an item for several days, with the intention to place a bid, only to have the seller cancel the auction. I usually do not bother with a seller who goes about his auctions in this manner.
Why did you cancel the auctions? I took the time to view your items, placed bids on one and was following several others.Strange that you would take the time to post on this thread promoting these items, and then not bother to follow through.
Engineered Garments Cruiser Jacket, size Large. -65% polyester 35% cotton -Two inside pockets -Large back pocket -Throat tab -Shoulder lining -Made in New York -The Engineered Garments Cruiser Jacket – another EG staple, the Cruiser Jacket is a hoarder’s dream with pockets for every occasion, including a pretty massive poacher’s pocket on the back Worn once, so mint condition, basically new. $185 $175 $175 shipped within Canada, US. Please contact for shipping...
The Trek Pack is recognizable as a classic canoe bag but the size has been scaled down to be more convenient for daily use. The simple design hasn't been changed too much, but the sleeve pocket is a nice touch by South2 West8. While it is 100% cotton, the Sunforger fabric is actually waterproof and traditionally used on awnings and for boat covers - so you know it will stand the test of time and the natural elements. • Made in USA • Suntan Sunforger canvas • Cow leather...
I purchased the bag from Inventory last winter, however, it has remained unused and in new condition. I have too many bags and am currently trying to make space in my closet. Purchased for total of $289 (incl. taxes, shipping) Price: $170 plus actual shipping costs Price: $160 plus shipping $155 plus actual shipping The Trek Pack is recognizable as a classic canoe bag but the size has been scaled down to be more convenient for daily use. The simple design hasn't been...
Sale at Cabourn webshop (www.cabourn.com). 35% off with code:RATIONS
It sounds like you picked the correct size. I just received my Camo Notch Work Jacket and the size 50 fit is spot on for me. I am a size 50 in the tweed Mallory jacket. Luckily, the arm length on the notch work jacket is just about right.
I am having horrible customer service from Le Rayon Frais as well. No replies to emails, delayed shipping without giving any reason or apologies. Seems to be the norm with them. This is my first, and definitely last time I will deal with them.
Can't say I have been very impressed with customer service from Le Rayon Frais. My order was placed on May 30, and I received notice that the items are just being shipped today. So, practically 2 weeks between order and shipping.
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