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Actually, it is on the way to me. Payment has already been made and I have been notified of shipment.
interested in Paul Smith coat, pm sent
Update please. Did your friend buy all the suits? If not, what is available? Thanks
Inseam measurement? ?Stain on upper-right thigh?
pm sent.
Prices? Photos?
The chair was designed sometime between 1950-1953. Here is an interesting blurb I found: Spanner Products distributed the line through the Simpson's and Eaton's department stores and through small, independent dealers in Toronto, and, occasionally, elsewhere in the province. Once the public became aware of Ruspan, the factory could not keep up with demand. Russell Spanner's habit of jumping up onto his furniture may have stemmed from his early experience as an amateur...
The chair was designed by Russell Spanner and manufactured in Canada by Ruspan Originals. The seat was usually webbed. The photo certainly does not do it any justice, far from a Eames knock off. It stands alone as a beautifully designed chair.
She seems to have a David Spade vibe going on. .
Measurements please.
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