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Quote: Originally Posted by JustinW I wonder how long 'till '86 makes it to US cable TV? I am watching the first 2 episodes tonight. Definitely looking forward to it.
I might be interested. Pics please.
I have a pair of Tricker's boots and they are definitely worth the money. Wish these were a size smaller.
Definitely interested in the nos vintage shoes. Size?
Just broke out my Stows for the fall, good idea for a thread. I was just thinking about doing the same earlier today. Definitely looking forward to weaing these within the next few days! Love these boots.
I booked an appointment each time I went to Crow's Nest, however, I had no trouble getting the day/time I wanted. Haircut was $25.
Went to Crow's Nest a few weeks ago. Nice laidback, retro vibe. The cold PBR is a nice touch! Getting a haircut every 2-3 weeks won't break the bank. Hopefully, straight razor shaves will be offered soon.
Actually, it is on the way to me. Payment has already been made and I have been notified of shipment.
interested in Paul Smith coat, pm sent
Update please. Did your friend buy all the suits? If not, what is available? Thanks
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