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I just checked out the Oster 76 clippers and they do look quite good. If I ever need to replace my Wahl professional clippers, I would probably give the Oster 76 a try. Good choice.
Cordless hair clippers are useless if you have thick hair. I bought a good set of Wahl clippers over 5 years ago and I haven't had any problems since. I think they cost around $75. Buy a good set of clippers and you will save $$$ on haircuts.
Wish to purhase "13) Tag size EU48 34" light to mid grey flannel" Please check pm.
I agree that some Ikea pieces have nice, clean lines. While this can appeal to your modernist aesthetic, the quality is usually lacking. I'm not knocking Ikea, the furniture is great for decorating on a tight budget while still looking fairly good. The Kvadrat and Maharham fabrics are fairly high quality and definitely overkill for an Ikea sofa. If you can't live with the upholstery as is, perhaps a slipcover in a cheaper fabric would suffice. Another option: My...
IMO, I wouldn't spend any money to have a slipcover made for an Ikea sofa. Live with the sofa as is, and use the reupholstery money towards saving up for a high-quality piece. The money spent on a good sofa is usually a good investment.
Damn, if the douchefriend doesn't exist, that kills my hopes that I am not the world's biggest douche.
Hopefully this will provide some proof of whether douchefriend actually exists. I , for one, certainly hope that we get some great posts from last night.
Quote: Originally Posted by JustinW I wonder how long 'till '86 makes it to US cable TV? I am watching the first 2 episodes tonight. Definitely looking forward to it.
I might be interested. Pics please.
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