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Payment sent. Thanks!
Anybody receive their Fishtail yet? Still waiting for some photos from Drew.
Yes, they have Tricker's, but only a very small offering
Selling a pair of used Tricker's Malton boots. Size 8 UK, width 5 (medium width for Tricker's). C shade. Great boots! Everything you've read about them is true. If you know these boots, there is no need to give a sales pitch to sell them to you! The boots were purchased used, I have only worn them 3-4 times. Definitely loads of life left in them. I am only selling since I have come to terms that they just don't fit and I need to get a pair of 8.5 UK. I will post photos...
Drew, I just sent an email with the order info and request for the change. Thanks
I sent payment for a fishtail parka a few days ago and have decided that I need an extra 1" on the length. Is it possible to make this change?
Just placed my order for a Navy Fistail, size medium. Finally a reason to look forward to the snow!
I just found the exact photo I needed to see. A photo of the fishtail on a person who is 5'11" and 175 lbs. Looks great! Will be placing an order for a medium navy fishtail this week. Hope nobody minds that I borrow this photo.
I will be placing an order for a fishtail parka, but I need some advice regarding which size to order. I am 5'11", my weight is 180 lbs. My thought is that a size medium will be best, but I may order a size large just to be safe. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.
Looking to purchase a pair of boots: Alden, Tricker's,or Red Wing GT's. Size 9.5 US or 8.5 UK for Tricker's. Willing to pay fair amount based upon condition. Please contact me and let me know what you have. Must be willing to ship to Toronto, Canada. Thanks in advance!
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