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Ordered my fishtail early December, hopefully it will arrive soon. Thankfully, the weather in Toronto is being extremely co-operative this winter! Still no snow and temp. has been mild.I am secretly wishing for a blizzard just after the fishtail comes.
I ordered a black Stark from stoy-munkholm. I think it is the last size medium they had in stock. A good deal at just under $200 with shipping. Update: Just checked the website to see if my order was processed. Luckily it went through since it appears that they are now sold out.
Hey Drew, Looking forward to getting my Fishtail soon. We are having a couple of warm-ish days here in Toronto after the freezing weather earlier this week. What is the TOJ situation regarding shipments over the next few weeks?
Payment sent. Thanks!
Just a quick question for those who have received shipping info for their Fishtail Parka. How long ago did you place your orders?
Payment sent. Thanks!
Anybody receive their Fishtail yet? Still waiting for some photos from Drew.
Yes, they have Tricker's, but only a very small offering
Selling a pair of used Tricker's Malton boots. Size 8 UK, width 5 (medium width for Tricker's). C shade. Great boots! Everything you've read about them is true. If you know these boots, there is no need to give a sales pitch to sell them to you! The boots were purchased used, I have only worn them 3-4 times. Definitely loads of life left in them. I am only selling since I have come to terms that they just don't fit and I need to get a pair of 8.5 UK. I will post photos...
Drew, I just sent an email with the order info and request for the change. Thanks
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