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Superdenim site seems to be working fine now. Still some good deals if you are size 48.
Finally got through to the Superdenim sale and managed to pick up the navy CPO-style zip up shirt. I am also expecting my Cameraman to be delivered next week. Definitely looking forward to my first Cabourn pieces!
From the photos they mostly appear to be size 48. Is that correct?
So, I went ahead and bought the size 48 Cameraman. Hopefully it will fit, if not, I may be looking to trade for a size 50.
Didn't he just start this thread less than 2 weeks ago? Sheeeesh! Seems to be pretty fast in starting a paypal dispute.
I have an opportunity to purchase a Cameraman (harris tweed + mackintosh) in size 48. Slighty unsure of the sizing on this jacket. I am about a 39" chest + 33" waist + 5'11". From the posts in this thread, it seems that people of comparable measurements are wearing the Cameraman in a 48. Do any of you wish you had gone with a size 50 instead?
I just sent Drew an email about the Fishtail. I'll post back here when I get a reply.
Stark has been sold. Thanks!
Stark has been sold. Thanks!
How early?
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