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I just sent Drew an email about the Fishtail. I'll post back here when I get a reply.
Stark has been sold. Thanks!
Stark has been sold. Thanks!
How early?
It seems that there are quite a few people waiting for their Fishtails. What is the latest news anyone has received regarding delivery? I will send Drew an email and post any info I get.
FedEx and UPS almost always hit you with duty and taxes. Regular mail (Canada Post, USPS, Royal Mail) usually passes through customs without any extra fees.
Looks like a perfect fit. What size is this?
Thanks, it's an M. For reference I am a hair under 5' 11" and 42" around the chest, the fit is spot on. I have the navy Stark in M and it fits quite well. I'm 5'11" and 40" chest. I'll probably be picking up an Amalgam in M as well.
Looks good. What size?
I wouldn't size down unless the body of the sweater is too big. The length you mention seems to be normal for the Stark.
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